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Re: Theos-World "Doubting Thomas" Never Doubted Because....

Mar 17, 2009 00:46 AM
by Augoeides-222

Well notwithstanding your perception, it still intrigues me. One reason is it duplicates the Simon Magus Story where it is told that he stood in the distance laughing while they crucified another in his place that was a double of him. Another interesting story happens on another continent, that of South America where the Indians have legends about "Virachocha" a white personage with a beard and staff who arrived, did miracles and healings, and taught and preached, traveling through thier communities. He was also named "Tonupa" and was said to be "Saint Thomas" and when at a time the indians bound him to kill him a mysterious "Youth" appeared who freed him and they both went away together. But what if it was the "Twin" of St. Thomas? 

An Account of the Antiquities of Peru 


Curiously enough also many thousands of years before their times carven upon the relics of Tiahuanaco and catalogued in the inventory of Tiahuanaco by Prof. Arturo Posnansky in his monumental work "Tiahuanaco - Cradle of American Man" are the figures similar to Tonapa who is definitely Caucasian and this on stone carving that were from the Middle Period dating at 15,500 B.C.there are also legends about the strangers who came. 

Just toying and playing and having fun instead of droll unhappiness lol! 

PS: Thanks for your kind help to Cass leon. 

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Take your pick - they are probably both fictional 

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So who really was the one that was hanged and who really was the obne who went to India? 

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"Doubting Thomas" Never Doubted Because 
He Never Existed!!! 

Wikipedia tells us: 

------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- ------ 
Saint Thomas the Apostle, also called Doubting Thomas, or Didymus, was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus. He is perhaps best known for disbelieving Jesus' Resurrection when first told of it, then proclaiming "My Lord and my God" on seeing Jesus....He was perhaps the only Apostle who went outside the Roman Empire to preach the Gospel. He also crossed the largest area, which includes Persia, India and China....Andrea del Verrocchio's sculpture showing the incredulity of St. Thomas. In Thomas' best known appearance in the New Testament, John 20:24-29, he doubts the resurrection of Jesus and demands to touch Jesus' wounds before being convinced. Caravaggio's painting, The Incredulity of Saint Thomas (illustration above), depicts this scene. This story is the origin of the term Doubting Thomas. After seeing Jesus alive (the Bible never states whether Thomas actually touched Christ's wounds), Thomas professed his faith in Jesus, exclaiming "My Lord and my 
God!"; on this account he is also called Thomas the Believer. 
------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- ------- 

See this beautiful painting at: 

http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/ File:Caravaggio_ -_The_Incredulit y_of_Saint_ Thomas.jpg 

Based on what C.W. Leadbeater wrote about the Apostles, this scene in the New Testament never happened because Thomas never existed..... 


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