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Anand's Black & White World

Mar 16, 2009 09:17 PM
by danielhcaldwell

Anand writes as follows:

And I prefer to be in the company of Christians rather than any other group. So this fact shows that Christianity has inherent great qualities. Christianity has not spread just by some cheap trick. I think it is great and because of it's merit it has become what we see now.  You can notice that Blavatskians don't have brotherhood among themselves, let alone with people of other philosophical ideas. I felt that students of Blavatsky are actually degenerated inside.

In response to Anand's remarks I would say the following:

There are Blavatsky students of ALL personality types and
temperaments just as there are Christians of all different

I've meet some Christians who are kind and sweet and others
that were the very opposite. Some of them were judgmental, dogmatic,
negative and condemning of people and beliefs that didn't meet their
standards, etc. But other Christians were thoughtful and

The same observations I made about the Christians would ALSO apply to
the Blavatsky students I've met and have known.

And in meeting people of all different beliefs and religions other
than Christian (for example, Buddhists, Jains, Hindus, etc) and even
atheists and materialists, some were nice people, BUT others not the
kind of people I would want as personal friends or even neighbors.

It seems to me that Anand is simply making rash and unfounded generalizations, all black and white distinctions with no gray inbetween. 

Maybe Anand needs to temper his remarks and try to think outside strict black and white categories.


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