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Re: Theos-World The theosophical cause and Mind Control Cults

Mar 16, 2009 01:40 PM
by MKR

A nicely done video. Years ago after the Jonestown massacre, I gave a talk
on how to identify cults so that you do not get entangled. The mind control
in some groups, while masked by high sounding ideals, usually is much more
subtle and happens over a long period of time and of course weaknesses such
as religion, race, color, national origin, sex and other attributes are very
cleverly used to spread maya in the minds of the "followers". Alertness on
the part of the public is what is needed to prevent people getting into
trouble and ruining themselves, probably for many lives to come. Would be
interesting to see the feedback from others on the video.


On 3/16/09, Morten Nymann Olesen <> wrote:
>   Dear friends
> My views are:
> I am scratching into the realms of "Brainwashing" and "Propaganda" and
> their use in cultures.
> I just came across the following quite interesting movie.
> It is not often I recommend videos. But I find this one important to any
> Seekers after Truth!
> Mind Control Cults
> Peeling an onion!?
> M. Sufilight
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