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Re: Theos-World Re: Is Truth Determined by Majority Belief/Vote?

Mar 14, 2009 06:32 PM
by Cass Silva

"Medusa is that system which - originally pure and beautiful, the Church of God and guardian of the Mysteries - has through corruption and idolatry become 'the hold of every unclean thing,' and mother of a monstrous brood.  And, moreover, like the once lovely face of Medusa, the Doctrine which bore originally the divine impress and reflected the Celestial Wisdom herself (Athena) has - through the fall of the Church - become converted into Dogma so pernicious and so deadly as to blight and destroy the reason of all who come under its control.  And the Perseus of the myth is the true Humanity ....which is gone forth to smite and destroy the corrupt Church and deliver the world from its blighting influence."  The Perfect Way, p.64"


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Sent: Sunday, 15 March, 2009 2:23:56 AM
Subject: Theos-World Re: Is Truth Determined by Majority Belief/Vote?

--- In theos-talk@yahoogro, "danielhcaldwell" <danielhcaldwell@ ...> wrote:
> The majority of Christians know little if anything of other
> religions and therefore they have accepted Christianity not based on
> a careful study and comparative analysis of Christianity with other
> religions.
> Most of the Christians I have run into are in fact woefully ignorant
> of other religions and not all that knowledgeable of even the Bible
> and Christianity.
> Apparently they have accepted the Christian religion because they
> were born in a predominant Christian country and/or because they have
> believed the claims made by various preachers, priests, etc. And
> many of these claims are questionable to say the least.
> Therefore when one says more people have read the Bible than any
> other religious book in the world or there are more Christians in the
> world than followers of any other religion, what does that really
> prove?
> I assume that hundreds of years ago that the majority of people on
> the planet believed the world was flat. Did that therefore make it
> true?
> Is truth determined by majority vote or majority belief?
> Daniel

You did not answer the questions I asked. Why Bible is most read book? Why it is most influential book in the world? Why millions of Christians accepted persecution to defend Christianity? Why thousands of people became martyrs while spreading their faith and defending it? Why thousands of people ridicule Blavatsky?
Anand Gholap

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