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Leadbeater on Our Indebtedness to Blavatsky

Mar 14, 2009 07:48 AM
by danielhcaldwell

C.W. Leadbeater wrote:

"...without Madame Blavatsky...there would have
been no presentation of all this glorious teaching
[of Theosophy] to the people of the West....I should
like you to realize THE FACT, and to keep it ever
in your minds, that all that we have and all that
we have learnt, through whatever form it may now
be coming to us, we really OWE to Madame Blavatsky...."

C. W. Leadbeater also wrote:

"....THAT GREAT BOOK The Secret Doctrine. . .
there it remains, as a monument which will
stand all through the ages. She [HPB] can never,
I think, be forgotten while that and her
other books remain to speak of her and for her...."

caps added.


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