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Is Truth Determined by Majority Belief/Vote?

Mar 14, 2009 07:43 AM
by danielhcaldwell

The majority of Christians know little if anything of other
religions and therefore they have accepted Christianity not based on
a careful study and comparative analysis of Christianity with other

Most of the Christians I have run into are in fact woefully ignorant
of other religions and not all that knowledgeable of even the Bible
and Christianity.

Apparently they have accepted the Christian religion because they
were born in a predominant Christian country and/or because they have
believed the claims made by various preachers, priests, etc. And
many of these claims are questionable to say the least.

Therefore when one says more people have read the Bible than any
other religious book in the world or there are more Christians in the
world than followers of any other religion, what does that really

I assume that hundreds of years ago that the majority of people on
the planet believed the world was flat. Did that therefore make it

Is truth determined by majority vote or majority belief?


--- In, "Anand" <AnandGholap@...> wrote:
> One theory might explain why Bible has become most read and most influential
book in the world and why millions accepted persecution to defend Christianity.
This despite the problematic history behind Bible which Leadbeater told us.
> Before I write, I want to know whether anybody here knows it.
> Best
> Anand Gholap

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