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Re: Theos-World Why no activity on facebook Theosophical network?

Mar 13, 2009 06:06 PM
by Leon Maurer

Cass (and others interested in networking)

Facebook is a legitimate, and totally free social networking web site -- like myspace,com, but more friendly.

Go to Sign up. Set up your home page with a picture (so everyone will know its your legitimate place) along with whatever other personal info you want to give out... And then search for your theosophical friends. When you find them, follow the instructions on how to make them your friends on facebook (so you can see their entire home page and find out what friends you have in common). Then watch your friends list start growing, as everyone starts teaching you (the system automatically notifies you by email whenever a friend contacts you) and you learn how the system works. Simple... And fun, when you see how useful it is to connect on a personal level with friendly people, associates, etc., around the world, share pictures, gifts, thoughts, ideas, etc -- and, interestingly, even get to meet each others families (most of my kids, cousins, and grand kids are on facebook). Be careful, though, you could get hooked. ;-)

See you there,,
P.S. As for the lack of activity on the facebook Theosophical Network -- it's not really designed as a study group or list, but simply as a vehicle to keep everyone informed of matters of general interest to theosophists. That's fine -- since this list keeps everyone busy enough gabbing, anyway. ;-)

On Mar 12, 2009, at 3/12/091:11 AM, Cass Silva wrote:

I don't know how to use facebook

From: Anand <>
Sent: Thursday, 12 March, 2009 8:51:42 AM
Subject: Theos-World Why no activity on facebook Theosophical network?

Just now I checked Eldon's group on facebook. There are hundreds of members in his group on facebook called 'Theosophical Network'. And yet there are hardly any messages sent to the group. Average seems to be one message a month. Nobody discusses Theosophy there. Why is that so?

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