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Re: Theos-World Vimala Thakar left this world

Mar 13, 2009 12:29 PM
by MKR

here is an excerpt from another site:

"In 1960 Thakar was invited by a friend to attend a series of talks a
visiting spiritual teacher was giving in Varanasi. The teacher was the
legendary *J. Krishnamurti*, and he immediately took note of the unusual
young woman listening so attentively at the back of the  hall and offered to
meet with her. T*heir talks and private interviews sparked an upheaval
within Thakar's consciousness, catapulting her into profound silence*.
"Something within has been let loose. It can't stand any frontiers," she
wrote. "The invasion of a new awareness, irresistible and uncontrollable . .
. has swept away everything." Within less than a year, *Krishnamurti not
only confirmed her spiritual realization but urgently implored her to begin
to teach*: "Why don't you explode? Why don't you put bombs under all these
old people who follow the wrong line? Why don't you go around India? Is
anyone doing this? If there were half a dozen, I would not say a word to
you. There is not time. . . . Go?shout from the housetops, 'You are on the
wrong track! This is not the way to peace!' . . . Go out and set them on
fire! There is none who is doing this. Not even one. . . . What are you
waiting for?"

At this point, she says, the "burning ashes became aflame," and she left the
Land Gift Movement and the sphere of social action to take up her role as a
spiritual teacher, traveling the world to give talks and lead meditation
camps. In an open letter to her friends and former colleagues, she explained
her reasons for turning her attention now exclusively to the inner
revolution: "No words could describe the intensity and depth of the
experience through which I am passing. Everything is changed. It is as if I
am born again! . . . My association with the movement is over. Today it
strikes me that the true problem is the internal problem of complete
freedom! . . . *The only salvation for mankind appears to be in a religious
revolution of the individual.* . . . As the source of all evil is in the
very substance of our consciousness, we will have to deal with it. *Everything
that has been transmitted to our mind through centuries will have to be
completely discarded*. The momentum of a million yesterdays is not easy to
overcome or to discard if we try to tackle it in a casual way, or if we
don't touch it at all."

On 3/13/09, Govert Schuller <> wrote:
>   Wheaton, March 13, 2009
> Just received:
> ===========
> 11 -3 -2009
> Noted enlightened spiritual thinker & social teacher Vimala Thakar left
> this world at Mt. Abu today morning at the age of 86. She was unwell for
> almost a fortnight and she had stopped taking medicines for a week or so.
> She was born on April 15, 1923. She was associated with Gandhiji, Vinobha
> Bhave and J. Krishnamurti in her earlier days had a very large global
> following. Journalist and social thinker Vishnu Pandya who has been
> associated with Vimla for long said that there were friends of Vimla groups
> in 60 countries where people practice her meditation technique.
> Vimala had organized over 200 youth camps in Gujarat alone. In 1960, Thakar
> attended talks given by the philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti. Later she met
> this great philosopher. This meeting changed her life. She dedicated herself
> to teaching meditation and philosophy.
> For the next two decades, she traveled between India, the U.S. and Europe,
> teaching and giving talks on spirituality. After 1979, she curtailed her
> travel outside India, and her teachings emphasize balancing 'inner'
> spiritual development with 'outer' social development. Most of the time
> lived in Mt. Abu.
> The Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi has expresses grief over her
> death.
> ===========
> For a first-person account of someone going through Krishnamurti's mode of
> transformation read Vimala Thakar's "On an Eternal Voyage." This
> autobiography is one of the most telling stories which might either confirm
> or refute the feasibility of K's inner revolution depending on one's
> assessment of the role played by Krishnamurti himself in that process. Ms.
> Thakar thought K played an essential role, not unlike a classic guru, who on
> a crucial point helps the disciple go through a transformation or
> initiation. As she shared that interpretation with the world through her
> biography K broke off relations as he explicitly did not agree with that
> view. Obviously her account challenged his philosophy to the core.
> Govert
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