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Re: Theos-World Vimala Thakar left this world

Mar 13, 2009 12:22 PM
by MKR

Thanks for the post.

On 3/13/09, Govert Schuller <> wrote:
>   Wheaton, March 13, 2009
> Just received:
> ===========
> 11 -3 -2009
> Noted enlightened spiritual thinker & social teacher Vimala Thakar left
> this world at Mt. Abu today morning at the age of 86. She was unwell for
> almost a fortnight and she had stopped taking medicines for a week or so.
> She was born on April 15, 1923. She was associated with Gandhiji, Vinobha
> Bhave and J. Krishnamurti in her earlier days had a very large global
> following. Journalist and social thinker Vishnu Pandya who has been
> associated with Vimla for long said that there were friends of Vimla groups
> in 60 countries where people practice her meditation technique.
> Vimala had organized over 200 youth camps in Gujarat alone. In 1960, Thakar
> attended talks given by the philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti. Later she met
> this great philosopher. This meeting changed her life. She dedicated herself
> to teaching meditation and philosophy.
> For the next two decades, she traveled between India, the U.S. and Europe,
> teaching and giving talks on spirituality. After 1979, she curtailed her
> travel outside India, and her teachings emphasize balancing 'inner'
> spiritual development with 'outer' social development. Most of the time
> lived in Mt. Abu.
> The Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi has expresses grief over her
> death.
> ===========
> For a first-person account of someone going through Krishnamurti's mode of
> transformation read Vimala Thakar's "On an Eternal Voyage." This
> autobiography is one of the most telling stories which might either confirm
> or refute the feasibility of K's inner revolution depending on one's
> assessment of the role played by Krishnamurti himself in that process. Ms.
> Thakar thought K played an essential role, not unlike a classic guru, who on
> a crucial point helps the disciple go through a transformation or
> initiation. As she shared that interpretation with the world through her
> biography K broke off relations as he explicitly did not agree with that
> view. Obviously her account challenged his philosophy to the core.
> Govert
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