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Re: My hacked account

Mar 12, 2009 07:01 PM
by paijmanstheo


A word of caution here. It was not Yahoo that sent you that e-mail, but a malicious hacker who now has your login data and has probably changed them so that you can't access your old account anymore. If you do not have a firewall installed, get one now. And a virusscanner. Look for Trojans. 

Rule of thumb on the internet is:
- never open a mail with a zip file from someone you don't know, or an exe file.
- never give your password and login data to an e-mail asking so. This is one of the oldest tricks in the books. Yahoo and other legitimate sites will never ask for your password and login data.



--- In, "c.leest" <c.leest@...> wrote:
> I needed to change my account, for I could not sign in on my name.
> Yahoo have send me a mail that I would lost my account if I don't give up my ID name, country, birthday and password.
> After giving that I lost all.
> So now I started on a new account and e mail for yahoo.
> And by that I have lost all my groups, so needed to start again.
> Christina

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