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Annie Besant Recommends HPB's "The Voice of the Silence"

Mar 12, 2009 09:39 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Mrs. Annie Besant wrote the following about HPB's small but wonderful

"....The Voice of the Silence...The book is...full 
of spiritual inspiration, full of food for the heart; 
stimulating the loftiest virtue and containing the 
noblest ideals...."

Mrs. Besant also gives a vivid account of how H.P.B. wrote the Voice:

"I spent a day or two at Fontainebleau with H. P. Blavatsky, who had
gone abroad for a few weeks' rest.  There I found her translating the
WONDERFUL fragments from 'The Book of the Golden Precepts,' now so
widely known under the name of The Voice of the Silence.  She wrote
it swiftly, without any material copy before her.   I sat in the room
while she was writing it.  I know that she did not write it referring
to any books, but she wrote it down steadily, hour after hour,
exactly as though she were writing either from memory or from reading
it where no book was and in the evening made me read it aloud to see
if the 'English was decent.' Herbert Burrows was there, and Mrs.
Candler, a staunch American Theosophist, and we sat round HPB while I
read.  The translation was in perfect and beautiful English, flowing
and musical; only a word or two could we find to alter, and she
looked at us like a startled child, wondering at our praises ? praise
that any one with the literary sense would endorse if they read that
exquisite prose poem."  caps added

For more on the Voice, see:


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