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C. W. Leadbeater Declares HPB did NOT Fake Mahatma Letters

Mar 12, 2009 08:32 AM
by danielhcaldwell

C.W. Leadbeater defends H.P. Blavatsky against accusations of fraud. 
In his book HOW THEOSOPHY CAME TO ME, Mr. Leadbeater writes:

I could give you many instances in which she [H.P. Blavatsky] was
accused of deception, and I can tell you exactly what it was that
really happened, and can assure you that there was NO FRAUD WHATEVER
in the matter. That much I DO KNOW FOR MYSELF?.

He [Richard Hodgson of the Society for Psychical Research] decided
against H. P. B. in regard to the letters which came from the
Masters, saying that she had written them herself. I have myself
received such letters when she was thousands of miles away. I have
seen them come in her presence, and I have seen them come when she
was far away, and I know by irrefutable evidence that she did NOT
write those letters. I tell you this because I think it is valuable
for you to be able to say that you have seen or known of someone who
is willing to bear personal testimony that there was NO FRAUD about
such things. The testimony of one eye-witness outweighs the PREJUDICE
of many people who, not being present, hear these things only at
third or thirteenth hand.
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