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A Re-invitation to Anand about the 12 Apostles

Mar 10, 2009 03:22 PM
by danielhcaldwell


Reconsider again what the greatest saint-occultist wrote about the 12

Certainly the Christian Bible ought not to be taken literally, for
many of its statements are symbolical, and others are simply not
true. When we examine clairvoyantly the life of the Founder of
Christianity, for example, we can find NO TRACE of the ALLEGED twelve
apostles, it would seem that as men they NEVER existed, but that they
were introduced into the story for some reason ? possibly to typify
the twelve signs of the zodiac....THE TRUTH IS that the four gospels
at any rate were never intended to be taken as in any sense historical


Now Anand, I invite you again to do the following exercise.

Please take a black magic marker or some other kind of black marking
pen and go through all 4 gospels of the New Testament and mark out
all verses in which the 12 apostles are mentioned and all of their
alleged daily interactions, etc. with Jesus.

And then I ask you to address these questions:

If these 12 apostles didn't exist as Mr. Leadbeater claims, then how
could Jesus have selected them and interacted with them, etc., as
outlined in the 4 Christian gospels?

Anand, how many verses, how much of the story of Jesus has to be
removed from the Bible if in fact as Leadbeater claims, the 12
apostles didn't exist?

And if the 12 apostles didn't really exist, well did some of the
other so-called historical people in the gospels exist?

Did Joseph his father exist? Did Mary? Did Jesus himself?

If the 12 apostles are fictional, then tell us what is really
historical and what really happened in the Gospel stories?

But since you say that occultists make mistakes, are you now telling
us that Mr. Leadbeater is wrong and mistaken in his clairvoyant
observation when he says that the 12 apostles did not exist???  

Or do you accept his clairvoyant observation as correct and therefore
agree that the stories in the New Testament about Jesus and his
apostles are fictitious and never happened?



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