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Re: A chart with five columns about Jesus, but why only 5?

Mar 10, 2009 03:12 PM
by danielhcaldwell

Anand, you give me the following advice:

But we need to remember that occultists, like any other scientist,
are not infallible in their clairvoyant investigation. And just
because their few observations are proved wrong does not mean that
they were faking everything. Daniel always missed this point. He
finds one fault in massive work of occultists and brand them as
charlatans. This only proves that Daniel is not seasoned in
philosophical thinking. Daniel must remember that every scientist and
occultist uses his own faculties which are limited powers, and also
their intelligence which interprets observations is also limited. Is
there any Nobel prize winner scientist who never made mistake? Is
there any saint who did not make any mistake in life ? Did Masters
claim to be infallible? So finding one mistake and branding the
person as charlatan only proves that Daniel himself did not
understand important factors in research.

Anand, I hope you will take your own advice and apply it to your own
previous judgments of Madame Blavatsky's works....

If I mistake not, you are the one that tells readers that you cannot
recommend even one of HPB's books and writings. In other words, you
are condemning all of HPB's work because of some perceived blemishes
and mistakes. 

Maybe you yourself are not as seasoned in philosophical thinking as
you might think you are or you yourself do not understand important
factors in research.  Have you ever considered that?

And please note unless I am beginning to have a faulty memory, I have
never done what you say I have:

"He finds one fault in massive work of occultists and brand them as charlatans."

Have I ever told readers not to read books by Besant and Leadbeater?
In fact if one was going to undertake a course of reading of various
Theosophical writers, I would recommend at least 3 books by Mrs.
Besant and at least 6 or 7 by Mr. Leadbeater.

For example, I would recommend Mrs. Besant's three books: THE ANCIENT

There is alot of food for thought in those 3 volumes although I would
take issue with some of her statements. 

So Anand, what books by Madame Blavatsky would you recommend to
students and readers???

And while we are on the subject of mistakes, are you now telling us
that Mr. Leadbeater is wrong and mistaken in his clairvoyant
observation when he says that the 12 apostles did not exist???  Or do
you accept his clairvoyant observation as correct and therefore agree
that the stories in the New Testament about Jesus and his apostles
are fictitious and never happened?


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