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A chart with five columns about Jesus, but why only 5?

Mar 10, 2009 10:58 AM
by danielhcaldwell

A chart with five columns about Jesus, but why only 5?

Anand writes:

Somebody may make a chart with five columns Blavatsky, Leadbeater,
Hodson, Besant, Arundale. And each column may contain writings about
Jesus by respective authors. This will enable comparison. 

This would be useful but why limit only to Anand's preferred Adyar
authors of Leadbeater, Hodson, Besant, Arundale.

To be totally fair and coomprehensive, one should  include more
Theosophical authors of other lineages and opposing claims such as:

William Q. Judge, A.P. Sinnett, Maude Travers, Katherine Tingley,
Ernest Hargrove, G. de Purucker, Alice Bailey, Francia A. La Due, Guy
Ballard, Helena Roerich, Mark Prophet, Elizabeth Clare Prophet,
Earlyne Chaney, Nada-Yolanda, Brother Philip, Cyril Scott, David
Anrias, Geraldine Innocente, Carolyn Shearer and Monroe Shearer, and
many others.  And why not also such authors as Anna Kingsford, Edward
Maitland, W. Stainton Moses, etc?


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