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Re: Theos-World New Definition of Dugpa

Mar 10, 2009 04:03 AM
by Martin

Misschief or boyish prank always leads to harm in one sense or another, however a dugpa is far more evil, it enjoys harming others, it knows it causes harm: it has a lust for disharmony just as normal people have a lust for air or water.
So define a dugpa isn't really an issue, we'd better concentrate on what a buddha is, I personally feel much more comfort in reflecting the Buddha and/or Christ in me, than to be mischieved with dugpa chat...however I train myself in being alert on any harmdoing coming from me.

Harm one, harm many, troubling the Chief,
Harmony sais harm take your leave.
The onyx of Harry, black sheets of mischief is all that counts,
It shows you the jewel, loomed multifaced in rounds.

And Suze is spinning all along,
She likes to be pregnant and sure not in wrong.
Telling poor Harry he'd change his guts,
And so people go after their lusts.

Through hardship and suffer, harmed and mischiefed, 
Harry and Suze, both warned and achieved,
Came to the light in all their sin
But never forgot they were effect of the God within.

Now sharing Love by reflecting the Light,
Punished severely throughout and bright
Telling me there is always hope
Mischief and harm fade out an unslippery slope.

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            David Pratt in his article "The Theosophical Mahatmas" states:

<<The general meaning of dugpa is any person who makes mischief or does


We have seen other definitions of Dugpa and I think we should add this

additional definition because having witnessed some of the events during the

past year, the above definition seems quite right.


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