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Would Anand agree that New Testament writings create confusion?

Mar 09, 2009 07:56 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Would Anand agree that New Testament writings create confusion?

Anand writes:

"It shows how two followers of Blavatsky had contradictory ideas and it
shows how Blavatsky's writing creates confusion."

First of all, Anand's contention that Morten and I have contradictory
ideas on the current subject is simply not true.  What has Morten said
that is contradictory of anything I have said?  Anand needs to cite
details to support this new accusation of his.  

Plus when Anand writes that Blavatsky's writing creates confusion, this
is not a new contention by Anand.  In fact, I have repeatedly answered
it before and will need to look in the Theos-Talk archives and retreive
some of my detailed answers.

At this point I will say this.

Let's look at this contention by Anand by comparing it to Christianity
which Anand is promoting.

For example, the New Testament texts total only several hundred pages
and yet Christians have all sorts of contradictory ideas and notions
about what the Christian scriptures teach or don't tech.  New
sects and denominations have even been started because of different
views and interpretations and indeed there are many apparent
contradictions in the New Testament.  Some Christians view certain of
these teachings in totally different ways than others.

Scores of examples could be given.

Therefore, using the same reasoning Anand tries to use on Blavatsky's
writings, one can cite these contradictions and differences between
Christian followers and conclude therefore that the New Testament
writings create confusion and therefore they are not reliable and one
cannot recommend them.  

Therefore one can wonder why Anand recommends such writings that create such confusion.

In the past, when I have pointed this out, Anand has chosen to remain
silent on this matter.  I can only assume he will do this again.  But
of course I don't write this for him but actually for other readers who
may be mislead or confused by his accusations.


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