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Re: The "clairvoyant finding" of Krishnamurti?Polarity in manifestation

Mar 08, 2009 01:21 AM
by nhcareyta

Dear Adelasie

Thank you again for your reply.

Due to other pressing needs I would like a little time to do 
whatever justice I can to your comments. Hope this is alright with you? I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Kind regards

--- In, "adelasie" <adelasie@...> wrote:
> Dear Nigel,
> Reading another post from you I realize we have a similar concern. I 
> often think, when I am writing to the list, that my words are going 
> to be read by people who are just contacting Theosophy through this 
> venue, or others who are new and possibly not thoroughly acquainted 
> with the study of the ancient wisdom. I think those of us who have 
> the privilege of more practice in this study have a big 
> responsibilithy to get our egos out of the way and try to represent 
> what we study in what we write, as simply and honestly as we can. It 
> is definitely true, in my experience, that we are all students, and 
> often we take turns being students and teachers to each other. 
> "Practical occultism" is indeed my emphasis in the study of theosophy 
> also. The ancient wisdom as it penetrates my consciousness provides 
> an index of understanding of life's phenomena and of one's possible 
> reactions thereto. It illuminates for instance the choices available 
> with the light of an examination according to what we feel is 
> important. Any phenomenon can be held up to the measuring stick of 
> one of the basic principles, such as unity, honesty, loyalty, etc. 
> and analyzed as it corresponds, or not. Theosophy is a living entity, 
> developing as humanity develops consciuosness of it. 
> What is the Light? In the context of this discussion, the Light 
> represents the eternal verities, the foundation stones of the Temple 
> of Truth, that which each human being recognizes in his inner most 
> being to be true and right and beautiful. In our daily lives we are 
> presented with choice after choice. Shall I tell a lie? Shall I 
> steal? Shall I betray? Shall I judge? Over and over we have a choice 
> and if we choose according to the priciples of Truth, Honesty, 
> Loyalty, Compassion, we are staying within the Light. We all know 
> deep within our hearts what is right. All we have to do is ask one 
> question. "What would I want another to do if I were him?" The Golden 
> Rule in action. Our choice to walk within the Light or within the 
> shadow is simply whether to choose according to our own inner 
> knowledge of right and wrong, or to ignore it. The consequence of the 
> former will benefit the whole human race, the whole universe. The 
> consequences of the latter bring destruction pain and suffering to 
> all. Which should we choose?
> What would you say about all this?
> Adelasie
> --------------------------------------------------
> On 6 Mar 2009 at 7:48, nhcareyta wrote:
> Dear Adelasie,
> Thank you as usual for your answers.
> You write, "You ask some very pertinent and probing questions
> which I will attempt to respond to. Keep in mind I am no authority..."
> I would suggest none of us are Adelasie. I would also suggest that
> the operations of the Kosmos are infinitely more profound than the
> human mind can possibly conceive. For this reason among many,
> perhaps we are all students, struggling with our limited and limiting
> minds and egos.
> My emphasis through study is to consider, and wherever possible
> understand the teachings practically, ie. how might they, and can 
> they, apply to the experiential life.
> For the purpose of this dialogue I would like to address the
> current points with particular reference to your rhetorical question, 
> "Why not then stay within the Light...."
> I sense this might be a familiar theme for you and I, which makes its
> investigation all the more interesting to me.
> May I ask, what is your understanding of, and what exactly do you 
> mean by "the Light?"
> Kind regards
> Nigel

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