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Re: Blavatsky on Christ -- the true esoteric SAVIOR ....

Mar 07, 2009 11:54 PM
by Anand

> "...'The coming of Christ,' means the presence of CHRISTOS in a
> regenerated world, and not at all the actual coming in body
> of 'Christ' Jesus....Christ -- the true esoteric SAVIOR -- is no man,
> but the DIVINE PRINCIPLE in every human being. He who strives to
> resurrect the Spirit crucified in him by his own terrestrial
> passions, and buried deep in the 'sepulcher' of his sinful flesh; he
> who has the strength to roll back the stone of matter from the door
> of his own inner sanctuary, he has the risen Christ in him...."
> "The 'Christ principle,' the awakened and glorified Spirit of Truth,
> being universal and eternal, the true Christos cannot be monopolized
> by any one person [or church or religion]....We may learn from the
> Gospel according to Luke, that the 'worthy' were those who had been
> initiated into the mysteries of the Gnosis, and who were 'accounted
> worthy' to attain that 'resurrection from the dead' in this
> life....In other words, they were the great adepts of whatever
> religion; and the words apply to all those who, without being
> Initiates, strive and succeed, through personal efforts to live the
> life and to attain the naturally ensuing spiritual illumination in
> blending their personality -- (the 'Son') with (the 'Father,') their
> individual divine Spirit, the God within them. This 'resurrection'
> can never be monopolized by the Christians, but is the spiritual
> birth-right of every human being endowed with soul and spirit,
> whatever his religion may be. Such individual is a Christ-man. On the
> other hand, those who choose to ignore the Christ (principle) within
> themselves, must die unregenerate heathens -- baptism, sacraments,
> lip-prayers, and belief in [Christian] dogmas notwithstanding.... He
> who finds Christos within himself and recognizes the latter as his
> only 'way,' becomes a follower and an Apostle of Christ, though he
> may have never been baptized, nor even have met a 'Christian,' still
> less call himself one." 
> H.P. Blavatsky

Although story of Christ can be used as allegory to explain soul's condition, in above paragraph, at least, Blavatsky has ignored the fact that Great Adept from White Brotherhood came to teach the world, whom people call Jesus Christ.
If somebody is saying that Jesus did not exist physically, as written in Gospels, I don't agree with it. I think reader will benefit more if he considers Jesus as true and tries to live teaching, instead of involving in allegories. It is because if you live teaching of Jesus, it will automatically help 'resurrection' of Christ within.  
But Blavatsky's above writing can delude people into believing that Jesus did not exist and whole story is written to explain only inner realities. And there are huge limitations in above allegory written by Blavatsky, because devotion to Jesus produces certain occult effects. Those effects won't be there if a person says "only Christ I know is my soul" It will be similar to Blavatsky's saying to Master M "I don't know any Master, only Master I know is my soul" Students of occultism know that this attitude does not work in reality.
So, if a person considers Christ only as explained in above paragraphs in Blavatsky, it won't help him much. Indeed I came across students of Blavatsky who believed Jesus did not exist in reality and existed only in allegory. Because of such misleading writing of Blavatsky, I  don't recommend her writing.
Anand Gholap

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