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Re: Theos-World Koot Hoomi on the real Christ --- the "mystical Voice"

Mar 07, 2009 03:32 PM
by Martin

Well, yes:

KH is telling "Ttennispa" ( he once told apsinnetT, he didn't like lawn tennis as well... ), we are all pictures at an exhibition, made by the One principle Which dwells in us All. 
The exhibition is the manifested in the many, the One principle is One. It reflects into Buddhi, which on Itself reflects into Manas or Mind. 
The Manas reflects ( makes ) it into ( a ) reality...
Our choice is not to get attached to the Manasresult, like Narcissus, but to let it go like the icy flowers that melt on a wintery window...
Understand this and you are the Immortals.

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Subject: Re: Theos-World Koot Hoomi on the real Christ --- the "mystical Voice"
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            Now the real question.  Can anyone actually make sense out that?


Chuck the Heretic



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In a Koot Hoomi letter sent to A.P. Sinnett, one reads the

following on  the  Christ:

------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- -

..  . . Avalokita Isvar literally interpreted means "the

Lord that is seen."  "Iswara" implying moreover, rather the adjective

than the noun, lordly,  self-existent lordliness, not Lord. It is,

when correctly interpreted, in  one sense "the divine Self perceived

or seen by Self," the Atman or seventh  principle ridded of its

mayavic distinction from its Universal Source --  which becomes the

object of perception for, and by the individuality  centred in Buddhi,

the sixth principle, -- something that happens only in  the highest

state of Samadhi. This is applying it to the microcosm. In the  other

sense Avalokitesvara implies the seventh Universal Principle, as  the

object perceived by the Universal Buddhi "Mind" or Intelligence  which

is the synthetic aggregation of all the Dhyan Chohans, as of  all

other intelligences whether great or small, that ever were, are,  or

will be. Nor is it the "Spirit of Buddhas present in the Church,"  but

the Omnipresent Universal Spirit in the temple of nature -- in  one

case; and the seventh Principle -- the Atman in the temple -- man  --

in the other. Mr. Rhys Davids might have, at least remembered,  the

(to him) familiar simile made by the Christian Adept, the  Kabalistic

Paul: "Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the  Spirit

of God dwelleth in you" -- and thus avoided to have made a mess  of

the name. Though as a grammarian he detected the use of the  "past

particle passive" yet he shows himself far from an inspired  "Panini"

in overlooking the true cause and saving his grammar by raising  the

hue and cry against metaphysics. And yet, he quotes Beale's

Catena  as his authority, for the invention, when, in truth, this work

is perhaps  the only one in English that gives an approximately

correct explanation of  the word, at any rate, on page 374. "Self-

manifested" -- How? it is asked.  "Speech or Vach was regarded as the

Son or the manifestation of the Eternal  Self, and was adored under

the name of Avalokitesvara, the manifested God."  This shows as

clearly as can be -- that Avalokitesvara is both the  unmanifested

Father and the manifested Son, the latter proceeding from,  and

identical with, the other; -- namely, the Parabrahm and Jivatman,  the

Universal and the individualized seventh Principle, -- the  Passive

and the Active, the latter the Word, Logos, the Verb. Call it  by

whatever name, only let these unfortunate, deluded  [EXOTERIC]

Christians know that the real Christ of every Christian is the  Vach,

the "mystical Voice," . .  .

------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- -

For  more on the mystical Voice, see the following extracts from HPB's

THE VOICE  OF THE SILENCE which can be found at:

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(http://blavatskyarc voiceselectedext racts.htm) 


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