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Re: Theos-World Re: Did HPB say there is non-physical intelligent life on Venus?

Mar 07, 2009 11:37 AM
by Augoeides-222

Thanks for your reply and comments. I can agree that others also can be characterized to have had "Henchmen" also depending on the POV. It is just a language expression from over here, or maybe there also. I think we can both agree that Theo may have researched what we haven't in the same way or method, or degree. I would benefit I think if Theo were to produce the originations of the "Reich" that he refers too. I am always ready to be enlightened by good scholarship and correct evidences. I am sure other members would also like to be enlightened by the knowledges of that era that pained humanity deeply. 

I wonder to what degree he was a conscious "Hoaxer" in particular to Hitlers Reich as people who contrived to directly fraud Hitler usually came to an ignomous end in an expedited manner lol! So a little more understanding of the particulars might be helpful. Of course labeling people for a lifetime usually doesn't represent a consistant trait, people do have changability in different circumstances, after periods of growth or study, or addative knowledge acquired, or new morality found. It may also be a mimicry pattern based upon mistaken success formulas one was exposed to in early age. So was Schauberger an irreconciliable con man for his entire life or did he dodge in and out ? Or was it only during The Reich's existance? Did he make any tangible contribution to engineering or knoweldge at all? Even if he was mistakenly inducted into the assertions of the several interests, enthusiasts of the Reich, the UFO Following, the White Powder Gold Group, the Water Pump enthusiasts, what did he actually concretely design that was a new contribution that might give change and improvement? 

Just a few questions. 


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Theo & John, 

your logic is interesting: 

While big H was a henchmen (I guess in opposite to Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt), therefore Schauberger was a hoaxer. 

That the Institute believes, Schauberger was a hoaxer, is not a big surprise if you know that it is an institute of "licensed history" (K.H.'s term), that means of the mindset of the Allies: materialism. You probably know that neutral or German institutes are not allowed under foreign rule here. 

More than claims by Marxist materialists counts to me both the inner logic of Schauberger's theory AND his practical proof: His machines and agriculture models DO WORK in practice. 

That counts more to me than ideologic debates. A mindset theosophists should always follow. 


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Just to clarify, I first got introduced to the Schauberger idea's via the White Gold Forum yaers ago, they didn't discuss anything about the Reich, Nazi's, WWII at all. They spoke of the Vortex devices and various benefits of the vortex directions vis clockwise and counter clock wise and the dynamics of flow etc. So I am not really at all interested in what happened in those years as per Hitler and his henchmen etc. My interest is as stated the Vortex Turbine Technology. What do you know of it? 

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Subject: Theos-World Re: Did HPB say there is non-physical intelligent life on Venus? 

Schauberger was considered a conman, a hoaxer, during the Reich years, so he never got any official backing or support from the Reich. This is well documented and referenced by the sources that I studied in the Institute Fïr Zeitgeschichte, Mïnchen (Munich). 



> Frank, 
> I think I forgot to mention Victor Schauberger, i don't remember. But at any rate his "Vortex Turbine" technology and his research on water dynamics was my particular interest. I have read a little ofthe commentarys about his activity during the Reich years but not enough at this point to be educated on the subject. 

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