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The TS Adyar - "It is now a soulless corpse"...?

Mar 07, 2009 10:03 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Dear friends

My views are:

The TS Adyar - "It is now a soulless corpse"...?
This is the question I ask you.

In 1885 when HPB was exiled from Adyar, the Master wrote: 
"The Society has liberated itself from our grasp and influence, and we have let it go...It is now a soulless corpse, a machine run so far well enough, but which will fall to pieces when...Out of the three objects, the second alone is attended to; it is no longer a Brotherhood, nor a body over the face of which broods the Spirit beyond the Great Range." 
[Theosophist, October 1907] Theosophy Mag. Vol. 6, p. 477

*** Som years later in 1907, we heard by Annie Besant in the following quote, very precisely explaining what happend to the society in connection with the above. I am only referring to this quote.  - And her words might explain a lot to the new students, who often get confused about the historical events. ***

"London lechtures 1907" by Annie Besant
"So let us pause now, after these high flights, in the 
little valley in which we live, and see whether in the 
Theosophical Society any such process of ^ vents may be 
seen as has been played on the great world theatre, in 
the drama of evolving humanity. For mind 1 we have 
no meaning unless we are related to that, and our Move- 
ment has no sense unless it retraces the steps of the 
great world drama, as every great spiritual movement 
does, from the time of its birth to the time of its passing 
away, and its incarnation in some other form, I do not 
claim it for our Society only, but for all great spiritual 
movements churches, religions, call them what you will. 
Now, we began our Movement as humanity began its 
education. There was no difference between spiritual 
and temporal. The whole Society was regarded as a 
spiritual movement ; and if you go back to those early 
days, and read the earliest statements, you will find it 
said that this Society existed in what then were called 
three Sections : First, Second, and Third. The First 
Section was the Brotherhood, the Elder Brothers of 


Humanity; the Second, those who were striving to lead 
the higher, the more spiritual life, and were in training 
for the purpose ; and the Third Section made up the 
bulk of the Society. Those three Sections were the 
Theosophical Society. So that it began on a very lofty 
level ; and its First Section, the Elder Brothers, Those 
whom we speak of as Masters, They were regarded as 
forming the First Section of the Society, and as part of 
it; and the Society has linked closely the Second and 
Third Sections under the First, as in the days when the 
Gods walked with men, in the early story of humanity. 
And They came and went far more freely then than 
later, and mingled more with the Society, taking a more 
active part in this work ; and it is wonderful to read some 
of the old letters of the time, and the close and intimate 
knowledge shown by those great Teachers of the details 
of the work of the Society, even of what was written 
about it in an Indian newspaper, and what ought to be 
answered, and so on. And the Society grew, became 
more numerous, and spread in many lands ; and naturally 
as it spread, many of these ties somewhat weakened so 
far as the Society, as a whole, was concerned not 
weakened with individuals, but somewhat weakened with 
the Body at large. And so things went on and on, 
until the Society passed through the same stage through 
which humanity had passed when the Priest- Kings 
entirely disappeared, and when those words were spoken 
by one of the Great Ones : " The Society has liberated 
itself from our grasp and influence, and we have let it 
go ; we make no unwilling slaves. . . . Out of the three 
Objects the second alone is attended to ; it is no longer 



either a Brotherhood, nor a body over the face of which 
broods the Spirit from beyond the Great Range." And 
when that time was well established a change was made 
in the organisation of the Society. It was no longer, so to 
speak, one and indivisible, but two parts were made- 
Exoteric and Esoteric ; and, as you know, for some time 
the Colonel fought against that, thinking it meant an 
unwise and dangerous division of authority in the Society, 
until, as he was coming over here with his mind in opposi- 
tion to the proposal that H.P.B. should form the Esoteric 
Section, he received, on board the steamer on which he 
travelled, a letter from his Master telling him to carry 
out what H.P.B. wished ; and, ever obedient as he was, 
for when his Master spoke he knew no hesitation, when 
he arrived here in England he did what he had been told, 
and authorised the formation of what was then called 
the Esoteric Section of the Theosophical Society. You 
can read all this for yourselves ; it is all in print. Then 
came that distinct cleavage of Exoteric and Esoteric 
the two heads, H. S. Olcott and H.P.B., one wielding 
the temporal and the other the spiritual authority in 
the Society. It meant that the Society had ceased to 
be the spiritual vehicle it was in the earlier days. It 
meant, as was printed at that time, that some of the 
members wished to carry on the Society on its original 
lines, and so they formed themselves into this Section 
under her, on the original lines."
(And the next few pages can highly be recommended to the Seekers in need.)

Now Annie Besant sought to unite the two bodies into ONE after the death of H. S. Olcott.
And she failed.

She failed because, she allowed Universal Brotherhood to disaapear from the scene.
And the motto: There is no Religion Higher than Truth - was abandoned.

And H. P. Blavatsky, perhaps knowning what would arrive said in 1891:
[Lucifer, Vol. VII, No. 42, February, 1891, pp. 451-455]

[I gladly give room to the protest which follows. It is wise and timely, and may, perhaps, ward off worse than "petty criticisms of H.P.B." Needless to say that Mrs. Besant's article would not have appeared had I seen it before publication."....etc. etc.

In fact a few month later Annie Besant invited CWL to return to the TS (a bit later as a fullblown Arhat), who got the task singlehanded of discovering the vehicle of the World Teacher to come. And thereby throwing dirt on the Masters teachings by allowing the AGENT of the Masters to become an OFFICIAL T.S. Messiah in the flesh! And forgetting, that the TS is not a Religion!

Any comments by any TS members on this? 
Any at all???

M. Sufilight

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