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Blavatsky on CARNALIZING the central figure of the New Testament

Mar 07, 2009 08:56 AM
by danielhcaldwell

H.P. Blavatsky wrote in December 1887:

In CARNALIZING the central figure of the New Testament, in imposing
the dogma of the Word MADE FLESH, the Latin Church sets up a doctrine
diametrically opposed to the tenets of Buddhist and Hindu Esotericism
and the Greek Gnosis. Therefore, there will always be an abyss
between the East and the West, as long as neither of these dogmas
yields. Almost 2,000 years of bloody persecution against HERETICS
and INFIDELS by the Church looms before the Oriental nations to
prevent them from renouncing their philosophic doctrines in favor of
that which degrades the CHRISTOS principle. [372-373]

...when one legend based upon these mysteries attempts to arrogate
exclusive rights to itself above all the rest; when it declares
itself an infallible dogma to force the popular faith into a dead
letter belief, to the detriment of the true metaphysical meaning,
such legend must be denounced, its veil torn away, and itself
displayed in its nakedness to the world! [374]. . .

Whether it be Krishna, Buddha, Sosiosh, Horus or Christos, it is a
universal PRINCIPLE. . .

...the Christians, by localizing and isolating this great Principle,
and denying it to any other man except Jesus of Nazareth (or the
Nazar), CARNALIZE the Christos of the Gnostics; that alone prevents
them having any point in common with the disciples of the Archaic
Wisdom. . . . [374]

. . . I have not the slightest intention of hurting the feelings of
those who believe in Jesus, the carnalized Christ, but I feel myself
compelled to emphasize our own belief. . . .

. . . It is in this ancient wisdom, and in the Christos of the
Gnostics under its various names, that the Theosophists, disciples of
the Mahatmas, believe. . . . [385]

. . . true Theosophists will never accept ...a Christ made
Flesh. . . .[390]

Quoted from H.P. Blavatsky's COLLECTED WRITINGS, Volume VIII.
caps added.


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