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'Lo here! and lo there!': The Messiah Craze

Mar 06, 2009 11:59 AM
by danielhcaldwell

H.P. Blavatsky wrote a very insightful article on the above subject. 
I give selected extracts below:

"With the spread of the spiritualistic cult, the Messiah craze has
vastly increased, and men and women alike have been involved in its
whirlpools. Given, a strong desire to reform somehow the religious or
social aspect of the world, a personal hatred of certain of its
aspects, and a belief in visions and messages, and the result was
sure; the 'Messiah' arose with a universal panacea for the ills of
mankind. If he (very often she) did not make the claim, it was made
for him. Carried away by the magnetic force, the eloquence, the
courage, the single idea of the apostle pro tem, numbers, for very
varied reasons, accepted him or her as the revelator of the hour and
of all time." 

". . . To distinguish the white rays of truth from influx from the
astral sphere, requires a training which ordinary sensitives, whether
avowed spiritualists or not, do not possess. Ignorance emboldens, and
the weak will always worship the bold."

"Some of these apostles denounce alike Spiritualism and Theosophy;
some accept the latter, but weave it anew into a version of their
own; and some have apparently arisen, independently of any other
cult, through the force of their own or somebody else's

"There is an avowed re-incarnation of Buddha in the United States,
and an avowed re-incarnation of Christ. Both have followers; both
have been interviewed and said their best. They and others like unto
them have had signs, illuminations, knowledge not common to men, and
events pointing in a marked way to this their final destiny. There
has even been a whisper here and there of supernatural births. . . .
And the result is sorry to behold, for each seems to be putting the
crown upon his own head."

"Wherever [genuine] Theosophy spreads, there it is impossible for the
deluded to mislead, or the deluded to follow. It opens a new path, a
forgotten philosophy which has lived through the ages, a knowledge of
the psychic nature of man, which reveals alike the true status of the
Catholic saint, and the spiritualistic medium the Church condemns. It
gathers reformers together, throws light on their way, and teaches
them how to work towards a desirable end with most effect, but
forbids any to assume a crown or sceptre, and no less delivers from a
futile crown of thorns."

"Mesmerisms and astral influences fall back, and the sky grows clear
enough for higher light. It hushes the 'Lo here! and lo there!' and
declares the Christ, like the kingdom of heaven, to be within. It
guards and applies every aspiration and capacity to serve humanity in
any man, and shows him how. It overthrows the giddy pedestal, and
safely cares for the human being on solid ground. Hence, in this way,
and in all other ways, it is the truest deliverer and saviour of our

"To enumerate the various 'Messiahs' and their beliefs and works
would fill volumes. It is needless. When claims conflict, all, on the
face of it, cannot be true. Some have taught less error than others.
It is almost the only distinction. And some have had fine powers
imperilled and paralyzed by leadings they did not understand." 

Quoted from:

H.P. Blavatsky. "Modern Apostles and Pseudo-Messiahs," Lucifer (London), July, 1890.

More relevant comments by H.P. Blavatsky can be found at:


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