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Re: Theos-World Was Besant /Leadbeater disseminating "a misleading Mayavic ideation??

Mar 05, 2009 06:29 PM
by Augoeides-222

They were much inclined to ignore "Do not let my last incarnation be a failure" for some strange reason. 

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Subject: Theos-World Was Besant /Leadbeater disseminating "a misleading Mayavic ideation?? 

Was Annie Besant & C.W. Leadbeater disseminating 
"a misleading Mayavic ideation? 

In the 1900 Master K.H. Letter to Annie Besant, 
consider the following words: 


The intense desire to see Upasika reincarnate 
at once has raised a misleading mayavic ideation. 
Upasika has useful work to do on higher planes 
and cannot come again so soon. The T.S. must 
safely be ushered into the new century. You have 
for some time been under deluding influences. 
Shun pride, vanity and love of power. Be not 
guided by emotion but learn to stand alone. 
Be accurate and critical rather than credulous. 
The mistakes of the past in the old religions 
must not be glossed over with imaginary explanations. 


Who promoted this "misleading mayavic ideation" 
about Upasika (Mme. Blavatsky)? 

In THE THEOSOPHIST for May, 1897, p. 498, it is 
reported that Mrs. Besant stated the following: 


Madame Blavatsky has been reincarnated in the 
person of a young Brahman, now about nineteen 
years old. 


And Mr. Leadbeater wrote the following in 


Madame Blavatsky lives now in a masculine body, 
which she took directly [after] she left the 
other one. When she left that body, she 
stepped into the body of an Indian boy then 
about fourteen years old.... 


Mrs. Besant in 1922 wrote the following: 


....alas! she passed away, and took rebirth 
in the north of India, and though we have lived 
for twenty-eight years in the same land so dear 
to both of us, we have never met physically face 
to face. Yet close ties bind us to each other, 
and may be we shall yet greet each other in the 


And in Leadbeater's 1925 book THE MASTERS AND THE PATH, 
it appears that Leadbeater was still promoting 
this same story: 


"This temporary occupation of a pupil's body 
should not be confused with the permanent use by 
an advanced person of a vehicle prepared for him 
by someone else. Our great Founder, Madame Blavatsky, 
when she left the body in which we knew her, entered 
another which had just been abandoned by its original 


These documents show that it was indeed Mrs. Besant 
and Mr. Leadbeater who were responsible for 
promoting what the KH letter of 1900 calls 
"a misleading mayavic ideation." 

If one accepts the 1900 KH letter as genuine 
and KH knew what he was writing about, 
then it would appear that Mrs. Besant as well 
as Mr. Leadbeater continued to be under 
DELUDING influences even in the 1920s..... 

Even in the 1920s they were still 
promoting the SAME "misleading mayavic ideation"! 

Blavatsky Study Center 


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