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Mar 05, 2009 00:32 AM
by t_s_theosophist


Several months ago we had requested that the membership be given honest and open answers explaining the activities of a group of General Secretaries which for convenience sake have been labeled "The Quartet". 

To date there have been no answers or explanations as the Quartet remain behind a wall of "Imperial Silence" and disregard. 

Several of The Quaret have made pejorative slurs and personal attacks on the questioner as a diversionary tactic to avert attention from their actions. They don't address the questions. 
We have kept our attention on the issues and not on their personalities. 

So we again re-ask our questions, 
believing that the membership does have a right to know. 

To refresh memories, the main issues are: 

1. At the time before the International Election, the President of the American Section sent a letter to all TSA members advising them that 
Radha Burnier was in poor health and not fit to run for office, so vote for John Algeo. 

This was not accurate information. Three highly respected pysicians certified that Radha Burnier was in good health and fit to run for office. 

Why did not the President of the American Section make this information available to the membership? 

2. Soon after the defeat of their candidate The Quartet devised a clandestine plan aimed at dis-enfranchising the worldwide membership from voting for the International President. 

Were it not for the internet and the rapid dissemination of these clandestine plans 
to the membership no one would have known that they were about to be deprived of this right to vote. 

Not one of The Quarted had the consensus of their respective National Membership. There was no discussion or dialogue about this radical change to The Society. Many of their National Officers & Staff knew nothing of their secretive plan, their membership certainly didn't. 

Many of us came to The Theosophihcal Society becaue we did not like being dictated to by supposed "Authorities." 

Our Society recognizes no Pontifical Authorities. So by WHAT authority did the backers of the controversial proposals act? It wasn't by membership consensus. 

Who is assuming the authority to dictate and enforce unknown and clandestine proposals? Tell us please. 

There is an ethical and honorable way to go about proposing changes needed that was not adhered to in this situation. It does give the unsavory appearance of a political ploy. 

3. Unsubstantiated accusations were made against the Indian Section of The Society. 
Thats right...NO corroborating evidence was supplied and none has been forth comming. 

4. Partisan allegations were made attacking the recent General Council Meeting and unwarranted denigrations of Adyar, our Spiritual Center were made. 

5. Traditionally among Theosophists, February 17 is marked as a "Special Day' in our Lodges and Centers to honor our International Headquarters. It is curious that this past February 17th, no mention was made nor were any references made to this Special Day in the media of the American Section. Just an oversight? I don't think so. 

Why this spirit of Ambition & Competition? 

These activities of The Quartet have not only caused an ethical & moral void in our leadership, but have also caused a deep breach of trust the membrship had placed in these leaders. 

How can these persons in all good conscience assume to speak for The Spiritual Teachings and Message of Theosophy when they have displayed such morally bankrupt behavior? 

How can Any thinking Theosophist look to them for direction? I know that I cannot ! 

Whatever happened to Integrity, Fair Play and the sense of Honor? 

Transparency, Integrity and Trust must be restored to the Society and this will only come about when we, the membership, get frank and clear answers. It is up to each one of us to form our own conscience on these issues, and demand answers. 

If no answers are forthcomming and for the Good of The Society the General Secretaries composing The Quatet do not resign their offices, the membership should begin conversation on impeaching them. 

We Do Deserve Better. 

Cordially & Fraternally; 
William Delahunt,
Orlando, Florida
Member of TSA Since 1969 


Bro M.K. Ramadoss lists the historical background: 

In my opinion, the proposals made by the Quartet need to be viewed with the events that took place since the start of the election process. 

First came the attempt to depict to membership, Radha as sick, mentally and physically. 
When three highly reputed doctors, one a GC member and GS of a Section, from two continents certified her fit, both mentally and physically, instead of immediately sharing this information with membership so that they can come to their own conclusion, the nominators of the other candidate, kept silent, 
thus leading many to think Radha as sick and possibly voted against her. 

Next was the move to disenfranchise the membership world-wide and radically 
change the rules. 

The timing of the move (soon after the election), and the players behind it (those who wanted to defeat Radha) coupled with the secrecy and speed with which the change was attempted was the real problem. 

The super secrecy with which disenfranchisement move was crafted and speed with which approval was sought was astonishing. 

It was so secret that even long-time members at Adyar, Olcott and other National Centers were kept in total darkness and they learnt it from Internet. 

All of us world-wide were to be disenfranchised and a small group of GC members end up monopolizing not only the nomination (as at present) but also the selection (the election is a farce) of the president, would in effect 
resulted in making the president a puppet controlled by a small group of GC members. 

So the problems are not with the proposals. It is with the lack of transparency at all levels of administration and last year's events creating a culture of lack of trust in the leaders. 

Until the trust issue is settled, any change would be highly suspect. Once members lose their rights, they will never retrieve it 

M.K. Ramadoss 



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