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Mar 04, 2009 10:29 PM
by MKR



A. P. Sinnett writes: " far back as the year 1830 *the Brothers* â the
Elder Brethren of humanity and those of still loftier spiritual attainment
all merged in the Divine Hierarchy and constituting the sublime organization
that we have drifted into speaking of as *The White Lodge* â held their
momentous conference. They provided for the establishment of Spiritualism,
and for the later experiment that eventually took the shape of the
Theosophical Society."

"No record could truly be called a History of the Theosophical Society if it
concerned itself merely with events taking shape on the physical plane of
life. From the first such events have been the result of activities on a
higher plane; of steps taken by the unseen Powers presiding over human
evolution, whose existence was unknown in the outer world when their great
undertaking â the Theosophical Movement â was originally set on foot."

HPB was ordered to go to the US, even though the full details of her task
were not revealed to her when she left for the US. The only known evidence
of the proposed launching of the TS, comes from Saint Ramalingam Swamy of
South India. Many believe that he is an Intiate in contact with the White
Lodge and perhaps an Adept. He told his disciples, years before 1875 that
Rishis from beyond Himalayas will be sending to India people from Russia and
United States with the message of Universal Brotherhood and people will then
listen to it.

The significance of the above events, from todayâs perspective, is that the
launch of TS was not like that of formation of a company or worldly business
enterprise. Most worldly entreprises are launched as a result of one or more
men/women starting an enterprise for a worldly purpose, however laudable
they are. We need to recognize the work that went on in higher planes far
ahead of the launch and immense power and wisdom of the unseen Powers
presiding over human evolution and the far reaching purpose behind the

On the Coloumb crisis, Mahatma KH wrote:

".. the present crisis that is shaking the T.S. to its foundations is a
question of perdition or salvation to thousands; a question of the progress
of the human race or its retrogression, of its glory or dishonour, and for
the majority of this race -- of being or not being, of annihilation.."

We may not be able to comprehend the full implications of statement; however
just the overall tone should convey the utter importance of the success of
TS for the welfare of the Humanity.


When TS HQ was moved to India from the USA, TS had very few members in the
USA. The move was decided obviously under orders from the Inner Founders.
Travel was difficult and living conditions were equally difficult and
uncertain future faced the Founders except their trust and total faith in
the Inner Founders. From India, with all the travel and communications
difficulties, the Founders were able to spread Theosophy world wide and open
Lodges around the world, which is very remarkable.

Even after more than a Century, the facts are striking. Membership in India
has been growing whereas outside India, either going down or unchanged for
several decades. There are even striking cases in two countries where not a
single new Lodge has been charted for more than 50 years. In the next few
decades, one should not be surprised if Lodges disappear in some of the
countries outside India. These facts confirm the foresight of the Inner
Founders when they ordered the move of TS to India from the USA.

Another aspect that should be noted is that money, management skills,
marketing and other traditional (business) factors are not key ingredients
in the growth of TS. It appears that the key to the growth of TS seems to be
the autonomous setup at Lodge and Section levels and International President
getting involved only in disputes between Sections. This has been the policy
since Olcottâs days, and this aspect is mentioned in the Mahatma Letters.

It appears that this unusual situation is due to the self-motivation of
members due to their love of the motto and fundamental object of TS.


In Mahatma Letters as well as in the Key to Theosophy, Dugpas are discussed.
It is necessary to mention their role in relation to the work of the TS. In
any endeavour directed towards progress and well being of the Humanity, it
is the role of the Dugpas oppose them with the objective of destroying or
crippling the progress. TS saw their hidden hand in the Coloumb crisis which
shook the TS to its roots. When looking at the events during the last
decade, especially during the last year since the start of the International
Election, many see the hidden hand of the Dugpas. Their modus operandi is to
use theosophists as catâs paws, who fall prey due to delusion that they are
doing good to the TS. Using multiple paws at multiple levels cannot be ruled
out. They hide behind the scenes while they use their unsuspecting agents to
do their dirty work.

They delude their victims and once done, they make them believe end
justifies the means. Woe to anyone who becomes their catâs paws. They make
full use of secrecy, trickery, intrigue, spinning the truth, spread of
misinformation in furthering their destructive actions. Since they are not
bound by any of the ethical or moral rules, anything goes so long as it
helps their destructive objectives.

Dugpas also adopt devious tricky methods against anyone working for the TS.
Sinnett writes:

"We had some terrible trials to bear in the progress of time. The faintest
comprehension of the way in which the great powers of Evil were in arms from
the beginning against all persons prominent in the theosophical movement,
will suggest the simple truth that very heavy attacks were leveled against
ourselves." In the later part of life, Sinnett faced severe financial ruin
and he writes:

"All was arranged by the black powers with the idea that we should be so
angry with our own Masters for not warding off the catastrophe that we
should throw up all theosophical work in disgust."

The above just indicates the Dugpas and how they operate. More later on this


The moment one becomes actively interested in Theosophy, one is a potential
catâs paw of the Dugpas for hurting the TS and its mission. The motto of TS
is  "There is no Religion Higher Than Truth." The main object is Universal
Brotherhood. Anytime one is active in theosophical activities and any deed
or action contravening the motto or the object, opens a joint in the armor
for the Dugpas and they will find it and wound the person. Acting on the
motto and object of TS, provides an armor to protect ourselves from Dugpas.
The long term spiritual and potential financial and personal damage from
Dugpas is real and all theosophists should benefit from the knowledge of how
Dugpas operate, so we can avoid being their unsuspecting agents.


We have witnessed the events surrounding TS, since the start of the
electioneering early last year. They have been discussed in detail in
earlier messages. Since many of the actions (engineered in secrecy) were in
contravention of the Motto of TS and the key Object of TS, coupled with
unnecessary secrecy warning from Master KH in the 1900 letter, should make
everyone fully aware and alert so that neither we nor TS gets hurt by our
actions either deliberate or due to delusion.



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