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The Origin of Modern Theosophy

Mar 04, 2009 07:59 AM
by danielhcaldwell

The Mahatma Koot Hoomi wrote the following on the origin of modern

"Theosophy is no new candidate for the world's attention, but only
the restatement of principles which have been recognised from the
very infancy of mankind."

But the Master also emphasized:

". . . Our [esoteric and theosophical] doctrine . . . is now being
partially taught to Europeans for the first time."

". . . We have broken the silence of centuries . . . . " 

". . . Let it be known that your Society['s] . . .  chief aim is to
extirpate current superstitions and skepticism, and,  from long
sealed ancient fountains to draw the proof that man may shape his own
future destiny, and know for a certainty that he can live hereafter,
if he only wills; and that all 'phenomena' are but manifestations of
natural law, to try to comprehend which is the duty of every
intelligent being. "

H.P. Blavatsky wrote of her own role in the "restatement" of
Theosophy to the modern world:

". . .We came into contact with certain men, endowed with such
mysterious powers and such profound knowledge that we may truly
designate them as the sages of the Orient. To their instructions we
lent a ready ear." 

"The work now submitted to public judgment is the fruit of a somewhat
intimate acquaintance with Eastern adepts and study of their

" . . .  I was the first in the United States to bring the existence
of our Masters into publicity; and . . . exposed the holy names of
two members of a Brotherhood hitherto unknown to Europe and America
(save to a few mystics and Initiates of every age), yet sacred and
revered throughout the East, and especially India . . . ."

And the Mahatmas provided these insights about Madame Blavatsky's

"[H.P.Blavatsky is] . . . a woman of most exceptional and wonderful
endowments. Combined with them she had strong personal defects, but
just as she was, there was no second to her living fit for this work.
We sent her to America...." 

"This state of hers [H.P.B.'s] is intimately connected with her
occult training in Tibet, and due to her being sent out alone into
the world to gradually prepare the way for others. After nearly a
century of fruitless search, our chiefs had to avail themselves of
the only opportunity to send out a European body. . . ."

". . . We employ agents - the best available. Of these for the past
thirty years the chief has been the personality known as H.P.B. to
the world (but otherwise to us). Imperfect and very troublesome, no
doubt, she proves to some, nevertheless, there is no likelihood of
our finding a better one for years to come. . . . With occult matters
she has everything to do. . . . She is our direct agent. . . . "

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