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Re: Theos-World Anand's Admissions and Their Implications

Mar 03, 2009 04:15 PM
by Cass Silva

Why would KH - wish Leadbeater the 'blessing of our Lord'?   If the Lord himself appeared to Anand and stated the letters were fabricated by Leadbeater Anand wouldn't believe it.  



From: danielhcaldwell <>
Sent: Tuesday, 3 March, 2009 5:17:37 PM
Subject: Theos-World Anand's Admissions and Their Implications

I see that in one of Anand's latest postings at:

http://groups. group/theos- talk/message/ 49289

he tries to explain what he was really saying in 2005 about the Master
K.H. "sending" letters to Leadbeater.

But I want to go back to that 2005 posting and look very closely
at what Anand said and look at his admissions and the underlying 

I will quote the complete posting and then follow that with
some of my own observations. First the 2005 posting:

------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- -----
Most people believe that Master K.H. sent one letter to C.W.
Leadbeater. ACTUALLY HE SENT more letters to Leadbeater.
Here second letter is given which was received [THROUGH H.P.
BLAVATSKY] on the night of the same day as first letter was
received. ...This letter IS IMPORTANT for two reasons. First is it is
CONFIRMATION that Leadbeater was accepted as disciple and second
reason is it should remind members that in communications due respect
should be given to Mr. Leadbeater which disciple deserves from
ordinary people. Here is that letter taken from Letters from the
Masters of the Wisdom - First Series
To C. W. Leadbeater

Since your intuition led you in the right direction and made you
understand that it was my desire you should go to Adyar immediately,
I may say more. The sooner you go to Adyar the better. Do not lose
one day more than you can help. Sail on the 5th, if possible. Join
Upasika at Alexandria. Let no one know that you are going, and may
the blessing of our Lord and my poor blessing shield you from every
evil in your new life.

Greeting to you, my new chela.


Show my notes to no one.
------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- -
caps added

It seems to me that Anand is actually admitting that the Master KH 
did send real messages to Leadbeater. Imagine that!!!

Furthermore Anand is admitting that these real messages from KH were 
sent thru H.P. Blavatsky!!! !!! Imagine that too!!!

In other words HPB was actually the means by which Master KH
communicated with Leadbeater. Imagine that!!!

In other words, these letters contain not HPB's thoughts but actually 
the Master's thoughts!!!! even tho HPB transmitted them!!!

In regards to the specific letter quoted above, Anand says the letter 


Compare this description to some of the phrases Anand over the last 
few years has used to characterize the Mahatma 
Letters: "fraudulent" , "doubtful", "questionable" , etc.

For some reason this letter is different and "important". Hmmm I 
wonder why???

Anand is certainly not reticent to answer that question!!!

He says:

" is CONFIRMATION that Leadbeater was accepted as disciple 
and second reason is it should remind members that in communications 
due respect should be given to Mr. Leadbeater which disciple 
deserves from ordinary people."

Why is it confirmation? 

Well, because the message really comes from the Master KH, Anand 
appears to be saying. It is not just emanating from HPB who at least 
in this case (so Anand must be thinking) was accurately and 
correctly transmitting KH's thoughts. 

So I would suggest that this letter actually proves that HPB CAN and 
DID transmit a REAL message from KH. And this is certified by 
even ......Anand! !! Imagine that.... :)

But if these specific letters accurately transmit KH's thoughts then 
this certainly suggests that many or most or possibly all of the 
Mahatma Letters could have also accurately transmitted KH's thoughts.

Of course Anand will be the first to resist admitting this apparently 
because some of these letters contain teachings that he is 
vigourously opposed to.

Moving on.

Anand also says that this specific KH letter to Leadbeater is also 
important because "it should remind members that in communications 
DUE RESPECT should be given to Mr. Leadbeater which disciple 

I guess this must be a reminder from Anand to people like me and 
Nigel and Christina and other ORDINARY people that we should show
DUE RESPECT to Leadbeater!! ;)

But is being a chela that special or unique? I'm not 
degrading "chelaship" by saying that, but I am simply
pointing out that being accepted as a chela shouldn't automatically 
confer respect on the person who is accepted.

In fact if we study other Mahatma letters and what HPB actually 
taught, then being accepted as a chela doesn't guarantee anything in 

Certainly it doesn't mean that a person who is a "chela" 
automatically DESERVES due respect from "ordinary people".

We know from the primary source documents of the early days of 
Theosophy that many (if not most) accepted chelas failed.

As early as 1883 HPB writes the following:

------------ --------- --------- --------- ------
Chelaship was defined, the other day, by a Mahatma as a "psychic 
resolvent, which eats away all dross and leaves only the pure gold 
behind." If the candidate has the latent lust for money, or political 
chicanery, or materialistic scepticism, or vain display, or false 
speaking, or cruelty, or sensual gratification of any kind, the germ 
is almost sure to sprout; and so, on the other hand, as regards the 
noble qualities of human nature. The real man comes out. Is it not 
the height of folly, then, for any one to leave the smooth path of 
common-place life to scale the crags of chelaship without some 
reasonable feeling of certainty that he has the right stuff in him? 
Well says the Bible: "Let him that standeth take heed lest he fall"--
a text that would-be Chelas should consider well before they rush 
headlong into the fray! It would have been well for some of our Lay-
Chelas it they had thought twice before defying the tests. 

We call to mind several sad failures [among chelas] within a 
twelvemonth. One went bad in the head, recanted noble sentiments 
uttered but a few weeks previously, and became a member of a religion 
he had just scornfully and unanswerably proven false. A second became 
a defaulter and absconded with his employer's money--the latter also 
a Theosophist. A third gave himself up to gross debauchery, and 
confessed it with ineffectual sobs and tears, to his chosen Guru. A 
fourth got entangled with a person of the other sex and fell out with 
his dearest and truest friends. A fifth showed signs of mental 
aberration and was brought into Court upon charges of discreditable 
conduct. A sixth shot himself to escape the consequences of 
criminality, on the verge of detection! And so we might go on and on. 
All these were apparently sincere searchers after truth, and passed 
in the world for respectable persons. Externally, they were fairly 
eligible as candidates for Chelaship, as appearances go; but "within 
all was rottenness and dead men's bones." The world's varnish was so 
thick as to hide the absence of the true gold underneath; and 
the "resolvent" doing its work, the candidate proved in each instance 
but a gilded figure of moral dross, from circumference to core. . . .

In what precedes we have, of course, dealt but with the failures 
among Lay-Chelas; there have been PARTIAL successes too, and these 
are passing gradually through the FIRST STAGES of their probation. 
Some are making themselves useful to the Society and to the world in 
general by good example and precept. If they persist, well for them, 
well for us all: the odds are fearfully against them, but 
still "there is no Impossibility to him who WILLS." The difficulties 
in Chelaship will never be less until human nature changes and a new 
sort is evolved. St. Paul (Rom. vii, 18, 19) might have had a Chela 
in mind when he said "to will is present with me; but how to perform 
that which is good I find not. For the good I would I do not; but 
the evil which I would not, that I do." And in the wise Kirátárjuniya 
of Bharávi it is written:-- 
The enemies which rise within the body,
Hard to be overcome--the evil passions--
Should manfully be fought; who conquers these
Is equal to the conqueror of worlds. (xi, 32.) 

------------ --------- --------- --------- ---------

So becoming a chela is no guarantee of anything!!

But apparently Anand wants to believe something else.....

[The above jotted down in a hurry.]


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