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Mohini's Problems in London

Mar 02, 2009 09:35 PM
by MKR

In early days of TS, Mohini M Chatterji, a chela, was sent to London to help
the London Lodge in its theosophical studies. In one of the Mahatma Letters,
I think that there is a comment about unusual attention of some women to him
causing some difficulties. Sinnett in his Early Days of Theosophy mentions
about a lawsuit on account of Mohini and a woman member,  and the lawsuite
was finally dropped.  Has any historian seen any more information on the

By the way, theosophists, like all human beings, from time to time, fall
victims of human weakness in the areas of sex and money, greed for power,
and any historical researcher will be able to find downfall of some good
workers, even in this recent decades. Usually members/leaders are hush-hush
about these things, and this should surprise no one.


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