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A Partial Answer to one of Anand's Questions

Mar 02, 2009 06:53 PM
by danielhcaldwell

Anand asks the question:

"If masters thought letters were useful, why didn't they send letters
through other disciples like Subba Rao, Damodar, Besant, Leadbeater,
Hodson etc.?"

Well, they DID send letters through Damodar.

This shows me that Anand is not very familiar with the primary source 
material of the early years.

I must say that I am somewhat uncertain what Anand is trying to say 
or prove by asking this question.

But here are some observations to consider as one ponders on what 
Anand may be trying to get out by asking this question.

Remember HPB was the messenger of the Masters during her lifetime. I 
assume the Masters found it useful to send such letters.   During the 
lifetime of HPB, the Masters sent letters through HPB and Damodar and 
also through DK and it would appear through a few other selected 

Even Anand has admitted that Master KH sent letters to C.W. 
Leadbeater through HPB.  So in this case I would say the 
Masters "thought letters were useful".  Mr. Leadbeater probably 
thought these letters were "useful" ... at least to him....and these 
letters must be "useful" to Anand since Anand cites them and even 
says they are IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Why the Masters decided not to send letters through Besant, 
Leadbeater and Hodson may be because they were not qualified to do 
that or for other reasons we are not privy to.

Apparently they did not send letters through de Purucker, Tingley, 
Bailey, etc. but what does that prove or not prove?

And remember there is an alleged KH letter to Mrs. Besant received by 
her in 1900 in which he said that she was under deluding influences.  
Maybe that is partly why she was not qualified to sent letters 

And William Judge did sent letters from the Masters to various 
people.  Some have questioned those letters but others have accepted 


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