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Does Anand Really Understand How the Letters Were Transmitted?

Mar 02, 2009 04:07 PM
by danielhcaldwell

Does Anand Really Understand How the Letters Were Transmitted?

Anand once wrote about the Mahatma Letters:

As I understand, Mahatmas did not dictate every word of the letter to
disciples, even psychically they did not communicate words of his
letter. At the most, Masters conveyed certain ideas to chelas, these
chelas then put those ideas into their (chelas') own words. Disciples
writing of Master's thought depends on many factors. Disciple writes
what he interprets Master's thought, he writes what he receives.
Disciple may not understand Master's thought or he may partially
understand Master's thought, or he may entirely misunderstand Master's
thought. So when disciple writes Master's thought, we need to remember
that that thought is disciple's understanding of Master's thought and
so it may not be exactly Master's thought.
If this is so, such writing by chela can not be considered as letter
from the Master.

Anand said this is HIS understanding.

But I give below some words of H.P. Blavatsky herself so that readers 
can compare and contrast them with what Anand has written above:

------------------------------------------------------- is hardly one out of a hundred "occult" letters that is ever
written by the [physical] hand of the Master, in whose name and on
whose behalf they are sent, as the Masters have neither need nor
leisure to write them; and that when a Master says, "I wrote that
letter," it means only that EVERY WORD IN IT WAS DICTATED BY HIM and 
impressed under his DIRECT SUPERVISION.

Generally they make their chela, whether near or far away,
[physically] write (or precipitate) them, by impressing upon his mind
the ideas they wish expressed, and if necessary aiding him in the
picture-printing process of precipitation. It depends entirely upon
the chela's state of development, how accurately the ideas may be
transmitted and the writing-model imitated. [caps added]

And in those Mahatma Letters, we find the following extracts on the
writing of the letters themselves:

Very often our very letters -- unless something very important and
secret -- are written in our handwritings by our chelas. Thus, last
year, some of my letters to you were precipitated, and when sweet and
easy precipitation was stopped -- well I had but to compose my mind,
assume an easy position, and -- think, and my faithful "Disinherited"
had but to copy my thoughts, making only occasionally a blunder. 
Disinherited did the transmitting of the letter....]
The letter in question was framed by me while on a journey and on
horse-back. It was DICTATED mentally, in the direction of,
and "precipitated" by, a young chela not yet expert at this branch of
Psychic chemistry.... [caps added.]
I transcribe them WITH MY OWN HAND this once, whereas the letter in
your possession was written by the chela. I ask you also to compare
this hand-writing with that of some of the earlier letters you
received from me. Bear in mind, also the "O.L.'s" emphatic denial at
Simla that my first letter had ever been [physically] written by
myself. I felt annoyed at her gossip and remarks then; it may serve a
good purpose now. [caps added.]
In noticing M's opinion of yourself expressed in some of his letters -
- (you must not feel altogether so sure that because they are in his
handwriting, they are written by him, though of course EVERY WORD IS 
SANCTIONED by him to serve certain ends) . . . [caps added.]

Notice this KH statement:

" faithful 'Disinherited' had but to copy my thoughts, making

Is Anand suggesting that so MANY BLUNDERS were actually made in
transmitting the Mahatma Letters that nothing or very little can be
relied upon as accurate and correct in these letters???

Is Anand suggesting that we should just "throw away" the Mahatma

Is Anand suggesting that none of the TEACHINGS found in the
Mahatma Letters are accurate???

Is Anand telling us that most of the teachings found in the Mahatma 
Letters are NOT accurately transmitted from the Masters?

But IF the Mahatma Letters are too unreliable, then WHERE, what
SOURCES do we turn to find what the Masters REALLY TAUGHT?????


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