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Re: Theos-World What Month & Date did Leadbeater become KH's chela?

Mar 02, 2009 11:07 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Dear Daniel

Let us start at one place...

I have so far had no reason to suspect, that the below words are untrue.
But maybe you have something, which could tell me something else?

A few comments of mine are at the end of the e-mail...

How Theosophy Came to Me by CWL, 1930.

"Unexpected Development

It should be understood that in those days I possessed no clairvoyant faculty, nor had I ever regarded myself as at all sensitive. I remember that I had a conviction that a man must be born with some psychic powers and with a sensitive body before he could do anything in the way of that kind of development, so that I had never thought of progress of that sort as possible for me in this incarnation, but had some hope that if I worked as well as I knew how in this life I might be born next time with vehicles more suitable to that particular line of advancement.

One day, however, when the Master Kuthumi honoured me with a visit, He asked me whether I had ever attempted a certain kind of meditation connected with the development of the mysterious power called kundalini. I had of course heard of that power, but knew very little about it, and at any rate supposed it to be absolutely out of reach for Western people. However, He recommended me to make a few efforts along certain lines, which He pledged me not to divulge to anyone else except with His direct authorization, and told me that He would Himself watch over those efforts to see that no danger should ensue.

Naturally I took the hint, and worked away steadily, and I think I may say intensely, at that particular kind of meditation day after day. I must admit that it was very hard work and sometimes distinctly painful, but of course I persevered, and in due course began to achieve the results that I had been led to expect. Certain channels had to be opened and certain partitions broken down; I was told that forty days was a fair estimate of the average time required if the effort was really energetic and persevering. I worked at it for forty-two days, and seemed to myself to be on the brink of the final victory, when the Master Himself intervened and performed the final act of breaking through which completed the process, and enabled me thereafter to use astral sight while still retaining full consciousness in the physical body-which is equivalent to saying that the astral consciousness and memory became continuous whether the physical body was awake or asleep. I was given to understand that my own effort would have enabled me to break through in twenty-four hours longer, but that the Master interfered because He wished to employ me at once in a certain piece of work.

Psychic Training

It must not for a moment be supposed, however, that the attainment of this particular power was the end of the occult training. On the contrary, it proved to be only the beginning of a year of the hardest work that I have ever known. It will be understood that I lived there in the octagonal room by the river-side alone for many long hours every day, and practically secure from any interruption except at the meal-times which I have mentioned. Several Masters were so gracious as to visit me during that period and to offer me various hints; but it was the Master Djwal Kul who gave most of the necessary instruction. It may be that He was moved to this act of kindness because of my close association with Him in my last life, when I studied under Him in the Pythagorean school which He established in Athens, and even had the honour of managing it after His death. I know not how to thank Him for the enormous amount of care and trouble which He took in my psychic education; patiently and over and over again He would make a vivid thought-form, and say to me: "What do you see?" And when I described it to the best of my ability, would come again and again the comment: "No, no, you are not seeing true; you are not seeing all; dig deeper into yourself, use your mental vision as well as your astral; press just a little further, a little higher."

This process often had to be many times repeated before my mentor was satisfied. The pupil has to be tested in all sorts of ways and under all conceivable conditions; indeed, towards the end of the tuition sportive nature-spirits are specially called in and ordered in every way possible to endeavour to confuse or mislead the seer. Unquestionably it is hard work, and the strain which it imposes is, I suppose, about as great as a human being can safely endure; but the result achieved is assuredly far more than worth while, for it leads directly up to the union of the lower and the higher self and produces an utter certainty of knowledge based upon experience which no future happenings can ever shake.

On the physical plane our great pandit Swami T. Subba Rao often did me the honour of driving over to the Headquarters in order to take part in the instruction and testing, and I feel that I can never be grateful enough for all the help that these two great people gave me at this critical stage of my life. When once the way has thus been opened there is no end to the possibility of unfoldment, and I think I may say without any fear of exaggeration that no day has passed in the forty-five years since then in which I have not learnt some new fact. The yoga of the Initiate consists, as does all other yoga, of a steady upward pressure towards union with the Divine at ever higher and higher levels; one has to work the consciousness steadily onward from sub-plane to sub-plane of the buddhic world and then afterwards through the nirvanic; and even beyond all that, other and uncounted worlds are still to be conquered, for the Power, the Wisdom and the Love of the Infinite are as some great mine of jewels, into which one may probe ever more and more deeply without exhausting its capacity; nay, rather, they constitute a shoreless sea into which our dewdrop slips and yet is not lost therein, but feels rather as though it had absorbed the whole ocean into itself."

M. Sufilight comments:
Sure CWL fell on the Path. - Sure him being thrown out of TS in 1906 due to his bad activities was a problem for him and the theosophical cause - and the work done by HPB and Master earliere on. - And sure it was even worse when he came back - (with the "part-time" revenging attitude, which most rejected arives with when they return. Just read HPB on that issue in The Key to Theosophy, p.253-254 - The manner in which he returned was bad - as far as I am concerned). - Only a half year later or so, he claimed to single-handedly(!) have been given the task of discovering JK - the new World Teacher. (My readings are: Images are flickering before my eyes. I see CWL being tested by Master. He his third eye makes him see "things" in time partly-transcended. And he is being tested on whether JK could be a World Teacher. CWL jumps to conclusions. And he falls again - on his level. And Master knew he would fall, and that it was necessary. JK was merely an instrument with a strange Karma, very well pictured in Cyril Scott's book the Initiated vol. 3. And Annie Besant went along with it all. Why?, - due to politics, - how saddening. Oh dear, oh dear.) And later he fell, when he went to Church promoting the Christian Bible, which Master and HPB had fought so hard to put were it belonged: In the Gnostic trashcan! - And certainly not on the Pedestal with Mitra Hat and all". Sure CWL fell on the Path. - And Alice A. Bailey's teachings with its bad Christian emphasis and deepfreeze Middle Eastern attitudes have siezed its "Masonic" initiative with the consequences it has today!

But, yes sure he was trained by KH and also DK.
But at least he made a lot of fuss, and his books are selling like the finest bread from the local Baker. :-)

And because all all of them HPB, JK, Besant, CWL and Alice A. Bailey all agree upon that Karma and reincarnation was and is a reality - they all at least did something useful.

I might err in the above views. But please tell me where I am wrong.

M. Sufilight

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  Subject: Theos-World What Month & Date did Leadbeater become KH's chela?

  Did Master Koot Hoomi accept Leadbeater as a chela??

  If the answer to this is yes, how do we know it
  and what month and date did he become KH's chela?

  Where is the evidence to support this?

  A correspondent writes asking the gist of these



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