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Re: Theos-World TS Motto, Foundation and Some Actions of Leaders

Mar 01, 2009 03:30 PM
by Cass Silva

As far as I can tell HPB had no time for Adyar 100 years ago - probably saw the eventual outcome - seems to me the place has been corrupted by politics and is decaying from the structure to the philosophy = disenfranchise Adyar I say - leave it to the dugpas!


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It's a good thing Theosophy is not a religion or we really would be in 

Chuck the Heretic

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TS Motto, Foundation and Some Actions of Leaders

The Motto of Theosophical Society is âThere is no Religion Higher Than
Truth.â The foundation is âBrotherhood/ Truth.â The foundation is âBrot
let us look at certain events that took place since early last year.

1. Early last year, members in many sections were told by their elected
leaders that Radha Burnier is mentally and physically sick and hence she
should not be elected. These leaders knew this is not true or should have
known that this is not true. Even after three well known and highly reputed
physicians from two continents (one physician is a General Secretary and
highly regarded theosophist) publicly certified her fit, both mentally and
physically, these leaders never took any steps to provide correct
information to their members.

2. After the election, many thought the election issues are behind us and
theosophical work will go on with all vigor. It was not to be the case. The
losing candidate made allegations about the election procedures in the
Indian Section. When someone makes an allegation against another
theosophist, it is a serious matter. When allegations are made against the
largest TS section, it is all the more serious. The allegations were openly
challenged by the Indian Section. What was the response? Nada. Anyone who
makes serious allegations should have the evidence to substantiate the
allegations. When one is unable to substantiate allegations with provable
concrete evidentiary information, what does it say about the alleger?

3. As this was going on, members around the world one-day woke up and
discovered the ultra secret move to disenfranchise the members worldwide and
a group of GC members seize the power to appoint the president. Even today,
the GC members have the monopoly to nominate the candidates. The small group
wanted to usurp the power of the members world-wide and take over the power
to appoint the president, thus make the president a puppet. This was a most
secret move and was to be quickly approved in the December meeting. Even
long-term members working at Wheaton and Adyar and other National
Headquartersâ were in the dark and learnt about it from Internet. Members
worldwide were shocked and surprised and saw it as an end-run by the
supporters of the defeated candidate. Some members demanded that it be
withdrawn. It was met with stony silence. The silence speaks a lot about
those behind the move.

4. After the GC meeting that took place in December, very little information
about the proceedings has come out. In a msg posted on Internet, the
President from USA, made an allegation of improper election procedures in
India. Some have questioned the basis for the allegation. To this day, we
have not seen a single shred of concrete evidence of anything improper or
illegal in the election matters in India. Again people in high places, when
making allegations about a whole section, should be very careful and be able
to back them up with concrete factual evidence. In the absence of such
factual evidence, it speaks more about the alleger than the target.

5. In a msg posted by the Secretary of NZ Section who attended the meeting,
certain not favorable comments were made about two long-time highly regarded
TS members, one a former GS of a large section. Again, questions were raised
by some members about the basis for the comments and detailed justification
supporting these statements. To this day, what we have is just simple
silence. You can draw your own conclusions.

6. The NZ GS also commented on the physical decay of buildings in Adyar and
the internal decay he perceived. Buildings in Adyar are over a century old,
with such age what else do you expect? A question that arose was, when he
saw the decay, did he ever think about what he and other leaders can do to
help fix these buildings? We have not heard anything from any of the leaders
addressing this issue.

7. On the internal decay he commented, we have not seen any specific facts
to substantiate the conclusion. Nor have we seen any such a comment from
thousands of members who have frequently visited Adyar for decades. Until
more specific objective facts are presented, one wonders if this was just a
clouded view of a causal visitor to Adyar.

8. There are many well-known members world-wide, many of whom frequently
lecture on theosophical platforms and have been lecturing about Truth and
Brotherhood/ Brotherhood/ <WBR>Sisterhood and try to explain theosophical classi
the Feet of the Master, Voice of Silence, Mahatma Letters, Light on the Path
etc. etc. When all the above has been going on, we have not heard from a
single one of them. So there seems to be a deep chasm between what they
preach and how they act when they see facts such as the above.

When you read all of the above, dedicated members will wonder if it is all
for real or one is in dreamland. Issues of human temptation in sex and
money, people can understand and most members take a very charitable view.
All organizations have, from time to time, faced human temptation issues of
its leaders. Many members were attracted to TS due to its Motto and the
Brotherhood/ Brotherhood/ <WBR>Sisterhood foundation. They are lost because t
reconcile the acts of leaders with the Motto and Objects of TS.

The damage the leaders are causing to TS and Theosophy is very serious and
the effects are going to last even after all of us are gone to the Astral
World. Internet has changed the world and anything anyone posts on the
Internet is archived and will be accessible for anyone for a long time to
come. So any prospective member who reads all the message traffic on TS is
going to be bewildered and confused as to what really is the TS organization
and theosophy and the disconnect that exists.



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