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Re: Theos-World Summary of Blavatsky's claims and later claims by other individuals

Mar 01, 2009 09:54 AM
by Govert Schuller


"In summary, AFTER HPB DIED in 1891, there was --- over the ensuing 
decades --- AN EXPLOSION and PROLIFERATION of claims, teachings and 
books from a variety of individuals. The books by these various 
claimants number in the hundreds and thousands.

In summary, we have a morass of such claims, teachings, beliefs and 

By what criteria would you evaluate the possible authenticity of these claims? 

I think these criteria have to be developed as I'm convinced that the Masters moved on after the Krishnamurti debacle and, earlier than that, they might have seen the study of the SD and other writings by HPB as not fulfilling its desired and hoped for transformative effect and therefore might have changed occult tactics. (I'm not implying anything about the truth of the SD, but about its occult transformative effects.)

>From David Anrias (Brian Ross), who I take very serious, the following came to us:

"The Secret Doctrine was the chief object of group-study, but the higher mental body of the average bewildered Western student was usually discovered to be [23] insufficiently equipped for the task. Likewise early meditation on an empty stomach, often between 6 and 7 a.m., although comparatively easily sustained in India, where both long custom and climatic conditions were favourable seemed all but impossible in the West.
About 1912 the Adepts who had sponsored the Theosophical Society realised that what was possible for an initiate possessing a powerful will as well as the means of creating her own surrounding conditions, was not feasible for the average Western pupil still hampered by past karma or a delicate body."

From: Adepts of the Five Elements by David Anrias (London: Routledge & Sons, 1933), pp. 22-23.

Full chapter "The Changing Age":

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