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to Chuck Re: Did Master K.H. accept Leadbeater as a chela??

Mar 01, 2009 09:57 AM
by danielhcaldwell


At first I thought you were not giving proper
documentation for your claim, but when I saw
your reference to Akashic DVD, number 8,733, I
breathed a sigh of relief and thought now it is
fully referenced and documented. You could be
a librarian and researcher par excellent!  :)


--- In, Drpsionic@... wrote:
> I believe they have the 6 foot long vellum scroll that was 
> certificate of admission hidden away in a vault somewhere in 
Australia.  Of  
> course after it fell from the sky and hit Mrs. Besant on the head, 
she was never  
> quite the same again.  The incident is recorded on the Akashic DVD, 
> 8,733 under "Funny Incidents in Theosophical History.  You just 
find the  section 
> where Morya's pipe set's Col. Olcott's beard on fire and then fast  
> from there.  It begins with the scroll being fitted to the bomb  
rack on K H's 
> flying carpet.
> Chuck the Heretic
> In a message dated 3/1/2009 9:14:41 A.M. Central Standard Time,  
> danielhcaldwell@... writes:
> Did Master Koot Hoomi accept Leadbeater as a chela??
> If the answer  to this is yes, how do we know it
> and what month and date did he become  KH's chela?
> Where is the evidence to support this?
> A  correspondent writes asking the gist of  these
> questions.
> Daniel
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