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Re: Theos-World Re: How can we define consciousness as an essential part of a unified field theory

Feb 28, 2009 11:59 PM
by Augoeides-222

The "Canonizer " link worked. The next link gave the bad message ( ): >>>Forbidden 
You don't have permission to access /ABCimages/3cyclefield.gif on this server. 

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. 
Apache/1.3.41 Server at Port 80<<< 

I will try other on that post. 


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Subject: Re: Theos-World Re: How can we define consciousness as an essential part of a unified field theory 

The links below seem to be working fine whether I click on them 
directly or copy and paste them into the browser. Try it again, and 
let me know if there is any trouble connecting. 

On Feb 28, 2009, at 2/28/093:45 AM, wrote: 

> Leon, 
> When I click your hot links I get "Forbidden error 402 Leon Maurer 
> Server Apache blah blah blah". ??? 
> John 
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> Subject: Theos-World Re: How can we define consciousness as an 
> essential part of a unified field theory 
> On Sun Feb 22, 2009 5:34 am ((PST)) "rybo6" os_jbug 
> wrote: 
>> On Feb 21, 2009, at 10:52 PM, Leon Maurer wrote: 
>>>> Leon, it appears to be all magnetics for you. 
>>> LM] Right. Once metric spacetime manifests out of the Singularity 
>>> (spin momentum representing this latent *physical* Universe) -- 
>>> there is nothing that isn't electrodynamic in nature -- and thus, 
>>> magnetic. 
>> Your comments show that it is *not* all magnetics or even 
>> electrodynamics for you. 
> Maybe it will all clear up is you study the descriptions and 
> illustrations at 
> All fractal fields are 
> fundamentally composed of spinning (spirally vibrating) lines of zero- 
> point space in linear motion, and thus, have a magnetic component -- 
> that is resonant with all other fields at different frequency phase 
> orders. This is the root of all harmonics and electrodynamic 
> processes on our lowest order physical plane... And is the basis of 
> the overall Âgravitational force on the cosmic levels and the strong 
> and electro-weak forces on the quantum and classical levels. Note 
> that all material forms are fundamentally based on spherical wave 
> forms, and NOT on solid straight linear structures -- which only 
> occur at the gross atomic and molecular crystalline levels 
>> Now you introduce a *something* called Singularity (spin momentum 
>> representing this latent *physical* universe)" 
> The "singularity of Einstein is the beginning of this physical space- 
> time. Since it is located at a single point of the underlying 
> unconditioned "absolute" space (0ÂK) -- it must contain the entire 
> potential mass-energy of this physical universe as nonlinear cyclic 
> spin, or infinite angular momentum. (This cyclic spin is the basis 
> of all subsequent electrodynamic energy fields -- whether in 
> hyperspace or metric space. 
> At the big bang, the initial field of physical space emanates in a 
> three cycle continuous loop (See: 
> ) 
> and (due to the horizontal rotation of this triple cycle loop) it 
> radiates centrifugally as a hyperspherical (toroidal) spiral vortex 
> triune gravitational field. This is analogous and corresponding to 
> the initial field (1st Logos) of cosmogenesis. See 2D and 3D 
> diagrams at: 
> (Note 
> the 4th lowest order "physical" field) 
> (This is the 3D version) 
> To comprehend how all hyperspherical toroidal fields (at any level of 
> frequency/energy phase order) radiate harmonically from any zero- 
> point singularity -- starting with cosmogenesis, see: 
> (This, incidentally, is the same as the harmonic electromagnetic 
> fields surrounding the entire body, the heart, as well as every 
> individual cell.) 
>> You have left me confused as to what you think the word "all" 
>> actually means. 
> "All" means the entire hyperphysical cosmos and its lowest (frequency/ 
> energy phase) order physical spacetime after its third fractal 
> involution (when symmetry breaking on the physical plane causes 
> precipitation of the fundamental quantum particles as spherical 
> standing waves of different fundamental frequency-energies) 
>>>> Spirit / spiritual = atmo-magnetics( highest frequency ) 
>>>> { whatever an "atmo" may or may not be } 
>>> LM] The "atmon" (my coined word) is the metaphysical analog of the 
>>> electron on the 4th highest frequency phase order (spectrum) 
>>> spiritual hyperspace field. ("Spirit", in Sanskrit = "atma".) 
>> I'm sorry Leon, your use of word "metaphysical" and "analog" in 
>> relation to a "frequency phase, spectrum, spiritual, hyperspace and 
>> field". Makes no sense to me. 
> Metaphysical means the hyperspace fields (spiritual mental, and 
> astral) that surround all material mass-energy fields (of ponderable 
> matter). Each field (at any frequency-energy phase order and their 
> harmonics) are analogous to each other -- since all energy fields 
> that radiate from a zero-point spinergy (or singularity) are 
> structurally similar. As Einstein said, their is only one 
> fundamental law of energy propagation throughout "total space." (He 
> was referring only to the 4th lowest order metric physical space or 
> aether, and didn't yet understand the non metric hyperphysical fields 
> in the Planck vacuum as well as surrounding all the physical fields 
> -- as now considered in superstring/M or QF and holographic paradigm 
> theories). 
>>>> Mental = mento-magnetics(lesser intermediate frequency ) 
>>>> { whatever "mento" may or may not be } 
>>> LM] The "menton" is the analog of the electron on the 3rd higher 
>>> order mental hyperspace field 
>> Sorry, Leon, your rationale makes no sense to me. 
> Then study the diagrams above and this one: 
> Obviously, the fundamental particle-waves on each hyperspace field 
> are "analogous and corresponding" to each other. See the cross 
> section of a photon (spherically polarized standing wave) at: 
> (Note that it is analogous to the fields of cosmogenesis, as are all 
> the higher order sub quantum particles of the higher order fields -- 
> that I have given different names, "astron", "menton" "atmon" so as 
> to distinguish them as well as indicate their structural similarity). 
>>>> Astro = astro-magnetics( lesser intermediate frequency ) 
>>>> { whatever "astro" may or may not be } 
>>> LM] The "astron" is the analog of the electron on the 2nd higher 
>>> order astral or formative information field 
>> Again, I can make no sense of what or where or how any of this stuff 
>> relates to our physical universe. 
> Check the diagram at: 
> And note the similarity of the lower order physical spacetime field 
> with the overall Cosmic fields. This is what I mean by "analogous and 
> corresonding" 
>>>> Material = electromagnetics( lowest frequency ) 
>>>> { electro as in electron s di-polar charge i.e. + and - } 
>>> Yup, the "electron" is the fundamental negative electrically 
>>> charged particle (spherical standing wave) on the lowest order 
>>> physical/material plane (aether). 
>> A wave is a metaphysical pattern, not a physical thing. 
> A wave is the cyclic motion (at any frequency) of the aether space on 
> the physical plane. Therefore, as pure energy, it is equivalent to 
> mass (E-mc^2)... Thus, it is a "physical thing" in itself. That is 
> why all information carried by the physical fields (as modulated wave 
> interference patterns) are also "physical. Waves are also on the 
> higher order hyperphysical planes -- since they also exist as 
> frequency-energy vibrations of absolute space. 
> Perhaps your confusion comes because you see the universe as solid 
> geometries based on Fuller's structural diagrams. Maybe the 
> following illustration, may help you see what Fuller actually based 
> all his reasoning on. Incidentally, he and I discussed this 
> hyperspherical basis of everything back in the 70's when we were 
> adjunct teachers at the same technical institute (NYIT). 
> Note the relationships between the octahedron and tetrahedron shapes 
> as the fields expand fractally. 
>>> It's opposite charged mass-energy partner is the "proton". 
>> This is the first thing youve stated that actually makes any sense to 
>> me and is aggreement with how I understand our physical universe. 
>>> (The "photon" being the intermediate fundamental (primary) 
>>> spherically polarized (Â neutral) particle generated from the 
>>> aether at the symmetry breaking after initial inflation on this 
>>> plane. See 
>>> (At least, that's what my ABC model tells me.;-) 
>> Now youve added and "aether" to you convoluted mix. 
> The Ãther is the total underlying space out of which all the 
> fundamental particles precipitate on the physical plane. See 
> Einstein's 1920 Leyden lecture on the Ãther. 
> Here is what Wikipedia says about it: 
> "Although hypotheses of the Ãther vary somewhat in detail they all 
> have certain characteristics in common. Essentially it is considered 
> to be a physical medium occupying every point in Space, including 
> within material bodies. A second essential feature is that its 
> properties gives rise to the electric and magnetic and determines the 
> propagation velocity of their effects. Therefore the speed of light 
> and all other propagating effects are determined by the physical 
> properties of the Ãther at the relevant location, analogous to the 
> way that gaseous, liquid and solid media affect the propagation of 
> sound waves. 
> The Ãther is considered the over-all reference frame for the Universe 
> and thus velocities are all absolute relative to its rest frame. 
> Therefore, in this view, any physical consequences of those 
> velocities are considered as having an absolute, i. e. real effects." 
>> As ususal, I'm left sractching my head as to what it is what in your 
>> GUTE. 
>> Thanks for trying to clarify for me, once again. 
> I hope I've clarified it a bit better. However, since the cosmos 
> goes much deeper and further than the physical spacetime (and its 
> ponderable matter--energy) that science can observe -- it can get a 
> bit complex when fully manifest... Although at the roots -- it's 
> unbelievably simple -- since everything is made up of nothing but 
> zero-point absolute space stuff. 
> This space stuff on our experiential 4th lowest order physical plane 
> (Ãther) is in varying degrees of cyclic linear motion at all 
> frequency-energies (particle-spherical standing waves) between zero 
> and infinity -- which are each rooted in spin momentum 
> "singularities" (of finite mass-energies) located everywhere. 
> Therefore, unconditioned absolute space, that underlies everything, 
> can be both *empty* (of form) and *full* of (infinite potential 
> energy and information) simultaneously (in each zero-point-instant) 
> -- located everywhere in the original "emptiness" at the primal 
> beginning, as well as everywhere in configuration (hyperphysical and 
> physical) spacetime on the physical/material plane. 
> Thus, the entire cosmos is a hologram -- with all its structural 
> information contained in every zero-point-instant -- like the 
> structure of all sentient physical beings is contained in the DNA 
> hologram located in every cell. Thus, the microcosm is the mirror of 
> the macrocosm, and everything can be understood by analogy and 
> correspondence (with allowances for indeterminacy at any level, due 
> to random acts of individualized zero-point consciousness that 
> interfere with each other) 
> So, if you still have questions, I'll be happy to try and answer them 
> as simply as I can. ;-) 
> Best wishes,' 
> Leon M 
>> Rybo 
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