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Compare Coulomb's "Explanation" with the Actual Testimonies

Feb 28, 2009 08:06 PM
by danielhcaldwell

Anand quotes from the Peter Washington book the following:

> " [Blavatsky's housekeeper, Emma Cutting, demonstrated] how she and
> HPB had made a doll together, which they ... manipulated on a long
> bamboo pole in semi-darkness to provide the Master's alleged
> apparitions. Emma had also dropped "precipitated" letters on to
> Theosophical heads from holes in the ceiling...

And then Anand adds this annotation:

"We can see how talented our founder [HPB] was."

Who knows what point Anand is trying to convey to Theos-Talk readers 
but this may be a good opportunity for some Theos-Talk readers to 
actually compare and contrast what Emma Coulomb and Richard Hodgson 
wrote to explain away/debunk the appearances of the Mahatmas with the 
actual testimonies of the witnesses who encountered the Mahatmas.

First consult what Coulomb and Hodgson wrote.  This can be found on our 
website at:

The Testimony of Emma Coulomb & Richard Hodgson Concerning the 
Appearances of the Mahatmas

Then read the actual testimonies of the witnesses.  I have compiled 
many of those on our website at:

A Casebook of Encounters with the Theosophical Mahatmas

Does Coulomb's and Hodgson's supposed "explanations" actually even 
start to explain the appearances of the Masters as given in the 
testimonies by the various witnesses????

One might also read and study what Walter Carrither wrote about 
Coulomb's "doll" and also what I wrote about the paranormality of some 
of these appearances.


The Doll, "Christofolo," and Apparitions of Mahatmas by Walter 

Paranormal Features of Some of the Appearances of the Mahatmas by 
Daniel Caldwell

See also Annie Besant's defense of H.P. Blavatsky on our website:

H.P. Blavatsky and the Masters of the Wisdom by Annie Besant


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