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Re: Theos-World TS Motto, Foundation and Some Actions of Leaders

Feb 28, 2009 08:17 AM
by MKR

Agreed. Don't we want to practice what we preach? At least to some extent.


On Fri, Feb 27, 2009 at 11:16 PM, <> wrote:

>   It's a good thing Theosophy is not a religion or we really would be in
> trouble!
> Chuck the Heretic
> In a message dated 2/27/2009 8:46:24 P.M. Central Standard Time,
> <> writes:
> TS Motto, Foundation and Some Actions of Leaders
> The Motto of Theosophical Society is âThere is no Religion Higher Than
> Truth.â The foundation is âBrotherhood/Truth.â The foundation is âBrot
> let us look at certain events that took place since early last year.
> 1. Early last year, members in many sections were told by their elected
> leaders that Radha Burnier is mentally and physically sick and hence she
> should not be elected. These leaders knew this is not true or should have
> known that this is not true. Even after three well known and highly reputed
> physicians from two continents (one physician is a General Secretary and
> highly regarded theosophist) publicly certified her fit, both mentally and
> physically, these leaders never took any steps to provide correct
> information to their members.
> 2. After the election, many thought the election issues are behind us and
> theosophical work will go on with all vigor. It was not to be the case. The
> losing candidate made allegations about the election procedures in the
> Indian Section. When someone makes an allegation against another
> theosophist, it is a serious matter. When allegations are made against the
> largest TS section, it is all the more serious. The allegations were openly
> challenged by the Indian Section. What was the response? Nada. Anyone who
> makes serious allegations should have the evidence to substantiate the
> allegations. When one is unable to substantiate allegations with provable
> concrete evidentiary information, what does it say about the alleger?
> 3. As this was going on, members around the world one-day woke up and
> discovered the ultra secret move to disenfranchise the members worldwide
> and
> a group of GC members seize the power to appoint the president. Even today,
> the GC members have the monopoly to nominate the candidates. The small
> group
> wanted to usurp the power of the members world-wide and take over the power
> to appoint the president, thus make the president a puppet. This was a most
> secret move and was to be quickly approved in the December meeting. Even
> long-term members working at Wheaton and Adyar and other National
> Headquartersâ were in the dark and learnt about it from Internet. Members
> worldwide were shocked and surprised and saw it as an end-run by the
> supporters of the defeated candidate. Some members demanded that it be
> withdrawn. It was met with stony silence. The silence speaks a lot about
> those behind the move.
> 4. After the GC meeting that took place in December, very little
> information
> about the proceedings has come out. In a msg posted on Internet, the
> President from USA, made an allegation of improper election procedures in
> India. Some have questioned the basis for the allegation. To this day, we
> have not seen a single shred of concrete evidence of anything improper or
> illegal in the election matters in India. Again people in high places, when
> making allegations about a whole section, should be very careful and be
> able
> to back them up with concrete factual evidence. In the absence of such
> factual evidence, it speaks more about the alleger than the target.
> 5. In a msg posted by the Secretary of NZ Section who attended the meeting,
> certain not favorable comments were made about two long-time highly
> regarded
> TS members, one a former GS of a large section. Again, questions were
> raised
> by some members about the basis for the comments and detailed justification
> supporting these statements. To this day, what we have is just simple
> silence. You can draw your own conclusions.
> 6. The NZ GS also commented on the physical decay of buildings in Adyar and
> the internal decay he perceived. Buildings in Adyar are over a century old,
> with such age what else do you expect? A question that arose was, when he
> saw the decay, did he ever think about what he and other leaders can do to
> help fix these buildings? We have not heard anything from any of the
> leaders
> addressing this issue.
> 7. On the internal decay he commented, we have not seen any specific facts
> to substantiate the conclusion. Nor have we seen any such a comment from
> thousands of members who have frequently visited Adyar for decades. Until
> more specific objective facts are presented, one wonders if this was just a
> clouded view of a causal visitor to Adyar.
> 8. There are many well-known members world-wide, many of whom frequently
> lecture on theosophical platforms and have been lecturing about Truth and
> Brotherhood/Brotherhood/<WBR>Sisterhood and try to explain theosophical
> classi
> the Feet of the Master, Voice of Silence, Mahatma Letters, Light on the
> Path
> etc. etc. When all the above has been going on, we have not heard from a
> single one of them. So there seems to be a deep chasm between what they
> preach and how they act when they see facts such as the above.
> When you read all of the above, dedicated members will wonder if it is all
> for real or one is in dreamland. Issues of human temptation in sex and
> money, people can understand and most members take a very charitable view.
> All organizations have, from time to time, faced human temptation issues of
> its leaders. Many members were attracted to TS due to its Motto and the
> Brotherhood/Brotherhood/<WBR>Sisterhood foundation. They are lost because t
> reconcile the acts of leaders with the Motto and Objects of TS.
> The damage the leaders are causing to TS and Theosophy is very serious and
> the effects are going to last even after all of us are gone to the Astral
> World. Internet has changed the world and anything anyone posts on the
> Internet is archived and will be accessible for anyone for a long time to
> come. So any prospective member who reads all the message traffic on TS is
> going to be bewildered and confused as to what really is the TS
> organization
> and theosophy and the disconnect that exists.
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