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Mar 27, 2009 06:56 PM
by adelasie

Thank you , Nigel, for elaborating so succinctly a very important 
aspect of our joint discusions. 


On 28 Feb 2009 at 0:55, nhcareyta wrote:

Dear Anand

I see you have returned to theostalk.

Perhaps you missed my last post to you.

I repeat it here for your consideration and response.


> Dear Anand
> On a number of previous occasions over the past few years
> you have repeatedly accused Madame Blavatsky of
> "many mistakes" and the letters of the Mahatmas as
> "pseudo" (false.)
> Also on a number of occasions I and others have asked you
> to provide evidence to substantiate your claims.
> Once again you have failed so to do.
> The assertions I make about the lies and frauds of
> Bishop Leadbeater are based on substantial evidence
> from reliable sources, eg; theosophical historians
> Dr James Santucci and Dr Gregory Tillett; long time
> theosophical researchers and teachers including Jerry
> Hejka-Ekins and Dr. Alvin Boyd Kuhn and theosophical
> authors Margaret Thomas and Alice Leighton Cleather to
> name just a few.
> Anand, if you are going to make bold accusations in an
> international forum with potentially hundreds of readers,
> you have to expect for your accusations to be questioned
> and their credence demanded.
> Accusations such as you make are not simply idle chit chat.
> They are powerful statements that can potentially influence
> many people.
> Do you not feel any sense of responsibility towards students
> of Theosophy?
> Do you not realise that, despite your protestations to the
> contrary, you are in effect expecting people to believe what
> you are saying without providing any substantive proof?
> Your style of authoritative pronouncement, with no evidence to
> establish that authority, is precisely the mindset and writing
> style produced by Bishop Leadbeater and Dr Besant where they
> expected people to blindly comply with their decrees.
> For those of you in this forum who are tired of this endless
> challenge please consider the broader picture.
> Theosophy was reintroduced to the western world for significant
> reasons, among which was to bring about a new way of thinking,
> "...a new continent of thought..." A mindset where evidence and
> proof are important considerations in the search for the truths
> of existence.
> "I hope to be permitted to do so much for you. If, for
> generations we have "shut out the world from the Knowledge
> of our Knowledge," it is on account of its absolute unfitness;
> and if, notwithstanding proofs given, it still refuses yielding
> to evidence, then will we at the End of this cycle retire into
> solitude and our kingdom of silence once more.... We have
> offered to exhume the primeval strata of man's being, his basic
> nature, and lay bare the wonderful complications of his inner
> Self - something never to be achieved by physiology or even
> psychology in its ultimate expression - and demonstrate
> it scientifically. It matters not to them, if the excavations
> be so deep, the rocks so rough and sharp, that in diving into
> that, to them, fathomless ocean, most of us perish in the dangerous
> exploration;
> for it is we who were the divers and the pioneers, and the men of
> science have but to reap where we have sown. It is our mission to
> plunge and bring the pearls of Truth to the surface; theirs - to
> clean and set them into scientific jewels. And, if they refuse to
> touch the
> ill-shapen oyster-shell, insisting that there is [not], nor
> cannot be any precious pearl inside it, then shall we once more
> wash our hands of any responsibility before human-kind. For
> countless generations hath the adept builded a fane of imperishable
> rocks, a giant's Tower of INFINITE THOUGHT, wherein the Titan
> and will yet, if need be, dwell alone, emerging from it but at the
> end of every cycle, to invite the elect of mankind to co-operate
> with him and help in his turn enlighten superstitious man.
> And we will go on in that periodical work of ours; we will not
> ourselves to be baffled in our philanthropic attempts until that
> when the foundations of a new continent of thought are so firmly
> built that no amount of opposition and ignorant malice guided by
> the Brethren of the Shadow will be found to prevail."
> Mahatma Letters to AP Sinnet, No. 18 Chr George Linton and
> Virginia Hanson.
> "...a giant's Tower of INFINITE THOUGHT..."!
> Perhaps this suggests not blindly following and complying with a
> proven liar and fraud and moreover, not allowing unsubstantiated
> accusations to go unchallenged.
> To do otherwise is to be co-dependent, as one who supplies alcohol
> to an alcoholic just to keep the "peace."
> Regards
> Nigel


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