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Anand Quotes Peter Washington on Blavatsky's Frauds

Feb 27, 2009 08:34 AM
by danielhcaldwell

I see that Anand is quoting the following material from
Peter Washington's book.  [See the quote at the end of this 
posting].  But one wonders what Anand concludes from this narrative 
or what he wishes others to conclude or believe.

<> I quote in some detail both what
Emma Coulomb and what Richard Hodgson said about the Mahatmas.

This material is also on my website in two web documents:

The Testimony of Emma Coulomb & Richard Hodgson Concerning the 
Appearances of the Mahatmas

Coulomb, Emma.  Some Account of My Intercourse with Madame Blavatsky 
from 1872 to 1884.

But as I asked at the beginning of this post, one wonders what Anand 
himself concludes from this material and what he wants others to 

If one accepts at face value Emma Coulomb's and Richard Hodgson's 
testimony then one can conclude that the Mahatmas didn't exist and 
that the clever Blavatsky simply made up the Mahatmas, and faked 
psychic phenomena and concocted Theosophy from various Hindu and 
Buddhistic teachings with some western occult material thrown in.

But if Blavatsky simply lied about the Mahatmas and faked their 
existence, faked psychic phenomena and madeup Theosophy, where does 
this leave C.W. Leadbeater which Anand wants us to beleive is 
the "greatest occultist saint of all times"?????

If one accepts at face value the Coulomb, Hodgson, Solovyoff 
testimony, then Leadbeater, himself a disciple and follower of 
Blavatsky, was either himself a victim of Blavatsky who was deceived 
by her and lead to believe in the imaginary Mahatmas or who in time 
either deceived others by telling new yarns about the imaginary 
Mahatmas or who became a self-deceived victim lost in a morass of 
imaginary clairvoyance.

For example, Leadbeater claimed he first met the Mahatma Morya in 
1851  in London at the same time that Blavatsky claimed she met the 
Mahatma in London.  But who would be foolish enough if one accepts 
the Peter Washington line of "reasoning" to believe that Blavatsky or 
Leadbeater met this imaginary being.  And then when one finds out 
that Mr. Leadbeater himself wasn't even born in 1851, one can 
conclude that Mr. Leadbeater was also deceiving his readers with this 
imaginary encounter with the Mahatma.

For further information, see:

C.W. Leadbeater's birthdate: The significance of the birthyear.....


--- In, "Anand" <AnandGholap@...> wrote:
> Following passages are taken from a book. 
>   " [Blavatsky's housekeeper, Emma Cutting, demonstrated] how she 
> HPB had made a doll together, which they ... manipulated on a long
> bamboo pole in semi-darkness to provide the Master's alleged
> apparitions. Emma had also dropped "precipitated" letters on to
> Theosophical heads from holes in the ceiling, while her husband had
> made sliding panels and hidden entrances into the shrine room
> [adjoining HPB's bedroom] to facilitate Blavatsky's comings and 
> and make possible the substitution of all the brooches, dishes and
> other objects that she used in her demonstrations [i.e., as 
> materializations or "apports"].... 
>     The Russian journalist V. S. Solovieff claimed to have caught
> [Blavatsky] red-handed with the silver bells which produced astral
> music [in séances].... Blavatsky confessed to Solovieff quite 
> that the phenomena were fraudulent, adding that one must deceive men
> in order to rule them (Washington, 1995). "

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