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Future Structure of TS - Some thoughts

Feb 26, 2009 09:28 PM
by MKR

There is a phenomenon that is slowing taking place in the TS. Membership in
India is steadily growing over the last decades. On the other hand, in most
of the countries outside India, the trend is exactly opposite. The
membership is going down or just stagnant. For example, in two countries,
 during last 50 years no new lodge was chartered. The relative growth in the
membership also has not kept up with the growth of population. If this trend
continues outside India, we may see dissolution of Sections outside India in
the next five to ten years or even sooner.

Internet is revolutionizing the distributing information and multi-lateral
communication between individuals. Looking at the combination of the above
trends, one wonders if time is coming when national Sections are no longer
relevant for the spread of theosophy; the real work of TS. The geographical
boundaries (and associated potential for politics) are irrelevant for real
theosophical work.  The only issue that comes in the way of this are the
assets owned by Sections. There is less and less need for libraries or other
physical lodges. People who want to meet others in their geographical
neighborhood can arrange meetings without the need for a national
organization; it can be done using Internet tools such as Meet-up.

If such a radical change takes place in the TS, then it is likely more
theosophical work will get done and the GC members would not have a job and
all the energy spent behind the scenes would be more productively spent in
popularizing theosophy.

My 0.02.


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