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Re: Theos-World Re: "No Mexicans, Negroes or Dogs Allowed"

Feb 26, 2009 00:37 AM
by Augoeides-222

Thanks for oyur comments and reply. 
Yes we have everyone here from the entire world and the rest of the world is trying to get here as fast as they can find a workable method. If I recall the population of the USA was only 141 Million in 1941, today it is over 300 million people, many are immigrants from virtually everywhere. They all love America and cherish our rights, freedoms, suffrage, religious pantopia, our emmense natural reserves and resources, the huge economy that provides meaningful beneficial returns for ones labor in comparison to many places in the world. Here we are not exposed to open warfare as in many nations elsewhere. Women have complete freedom here and absolutely may not be enslaved or abused cruely as in many nations elswhere. Our school budgets are staggering in size and we have endless schools, middle, high, junior college, community colleges, specialty colleges, universities in each state of the 50 multiple universities in many of them. Our Corporations are fully integrated in all ways ,race, gender, ethnicity, and there are both National, State, County and City Agencys that mediate human rights and protections here. Life in America is most desirable and rewards education, hard work, honesty, character, loyalty, self determination, initiative, team work. Mr. Parsons who is CEO of Aol, Time -Warner is black and has been CEO of large Corporations for many decades here, yet one never hears about him and many others like him of color in our media and press. People here with education and intelligence are too busy creating the good life here in the main. Too little is said about antisocial sociopathic cuture that ingrains hate, uncooperativeness, refusal to participate, alienations that are irrational and devient to normal mentality, parental responsibility when they with purpose and directed intention inculcate abnormal hate and distorted world views in their innocent malable children for the express purpose of creating revenge tools. Aslo many Ministers of the Clothe have cultured the same distortions and have never been made to take resoponsibility for their injurys of others minds and health in thier flock. 

There are a lot of distracting things alongside the really wonderful things here. Such as why in gods name did they let "Gangs" create Corproations that become the Parent Organization of criminals and drug dealers? Once that they are Incorporated an entirely new Legal status arrives, Corporations have more rights than individuals and worse, they are immortal. The membership in Incorporated gangs in America is now equal to the entire Armed Forces of America numerically. 

Today it was announced the the United Nations wil undertake to pass a Statutary Act of the United nations that will make it a crime worldwide to critisize any Religion of the World with penaltys and fines for the offenders. Last year the General Assemble passed a non-binding Resolution of the same, now they want to make it a Law for each citizen in the world. What do you think Blavatsky would say anbout that? Lol! 


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Subject: Theos-World Re: "No Mexicans, Negroes or Dogs Allowed" 

Dear John 

Being Australian, I can only wonder how the USA holds together. 
With black, white, Mexican, Hispanic, American Indian, latinos, 
northerners and southerners, Irish, Polish, jews, christians at 
best only just tolerating each other, it certainly is a melting 

And Madame Blavatsky saw it as the place for the coming new 

It will be interesting to say the least to see what happens if the 
GFC really goes critical. 


--- In , Augoeides-222@... wrote: 
> Daniel, 
> Your definitely right Texas is a red neck state. Although I hadn't 
much real acquaintance with any true Texas residents there being in 
the military. I never experienced all that you did growing up there, 
I was only there a few months before our Unit was "Gyro'd" to 
Europe . 
> I took my Guided Missile Ordnance training at Redstone Arsenal at 
Huntsville Alabama. Werner von Braun was alive then and still doing 
rocket research there at the time. Alabama was a total shock to a 
young boy from Chicago! They did have "signs" all over the place 
there in Alabama citys. And People of color had seperate rest rooms 
and drinking fountains. I had never seen such things growing up in 
Chicago. It made me angry and ashamed and I felt guilty knowing my 
friends who were people of color in training with me were forced to 
endure this abuse whenever they went to town and got away from the 
base for a while. The "Southern mentality" wasn't reserved 
exclusiviely for people of color either whenever I went into 
Huntsville and entered a restruant and sat down at counter the waiter 
woud tell me "Why don't you go back where you came from you god damn 
yankee!? Besides that I hated the taste of chickori coffee they 
served in the south!. I never went back or visited any place in the 
south in my remaining life after what I experienced there in Alabama. 
> Regards, 
> John 
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> Subject: Theos-World Re: "No Mexicans, Negroes or Dogs Allowed" 
> All of this brings back "fond" memories of 
> growing up in Texas in the late 1950s & early 
> 1960s. 
> When I get a chunk of time, I will relate 
> some of my own personal experiences concerning 
> how both Black and Mexican people were viewed 
> and treated during that time --- at least in 
> certain parts of Texas. 
> I remember in 1972 being so glad to move 
> to Arizona and leave all the "rednecks" 
> behind in Texas. 
> Both blacks and mexicans were at that time 
> treated like 2nd class "citizens" in Texas. 
> Also hippies and homosexuals! 
> And women should stay also in their proper 
> places. 
> Also there was alot of prejudice against 
> Jews and Catholics. 
> Basically in the Texas of that time, you had 
> better be a white, Protestant macho man cause everyone 
> one else didn't count or should at least know 
> their places. 
> Like I said, very fond memories. 
> So you can imagine how I felt when Barack 
> was elected President of the US. 
> I've cried more since the day Barack was 
> elected than during the rest of my entire life. 
> Now I'm hoping I live long enough to see a Hispanic 
> and a woman also elected to be president. 
> I'm sick of all those f------g old white men being 
> president! 
> OBTW, I am a f------g white man too but not that 
> kind!!! :) 
> Daniel 
> --- In , MKR <mkr777@> wrote: 
> > 
> > Some years ago, our community was looking for land in the city 
> close to the 
> > Camp Bullis military facility in San Antonio and I saw some land 
> deeds filed 
> > around 1945 which had a deed restriction that people of mexican 
> origin 
> > cannot reside there except as servants. But in 1932 it was a fact 
> that in 
> > publicly owned facilities, hispanics cannot attend public 
> > 
> > mkr 
> > 
> > 
> > On 2/25/09, Augoeides-222@ <Augoeides-222@> wrote: 
> > > 
> > > MKR, 
> > > My comment is strickly in regards to the "Sign". I was in Texas 
> in the 
> > > 1950's in the Military at Ft.Bliss. I frequently went into El 
> Paso, Texas on 
> > > a regular basis. At that time I never saw such signs anywhere 
> that I visited 
> > > there. That doesn't mean that his grandfather had not seen them 
> in his life 
> > > time but as to what I saw later I didn't see any such signs. As 
> far as I can 
> > > relate any one could sit at a counter and be served there. I 
> personally and 
> > > directly observed this. I cannot speak for the rest of Texas 
> citys. We had 
> > > balck and mexican soldiers in my unit and i don't recall 
> them 
> > > complain of discrimination such as is in the PBS Program that 
> they were 
> > > experiencing in El paso at that time. Our Miitary Unit was 
> intregated having 
> > > various ethnic presence at that time 1955-60. 
> > > I might also relate that on the other side of the border in 
> Juarez Mexico 
> > > the people there held intense prejedice against "Indios", 
> citizens 
> > > of Indian ethnicity and denied simple needs to them such as a 
> glass of water 
> > > when the temperature is over 100 degree's. I once watched an 
> Indios women 
> > > barefoot in traditional dress be denied water one after another 
> business as 
> > > she asked each one for a glass of water and the entire street 
> denied her 
> > > this simple needy request. I was amazed to see this and felt so 
> sorry for 
> > > that poor women. 
> > > 
> > > Regards, 
> > > John 
> > > 
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> > > Subject: Theos-World "No Mexicans, Negroes or Dogs Allowed" 
> > > 
> > > As late as 1950s, people in San Antonio, Texas has seen signs 
> such as "No 
> > > Mexicans, Negroes or Dogs Allowed". At that time San Antonio 
> about 
> > > 30-40% hispanic population. There is a very interesting article 
> in the 
> > > local 
> > > newspaper. See link below. Theosophists would be interested in 
> reading it. 
> > > Also may like watching PBS documentary "A Class Apart". 
> > > 
> > > In 1932, when Jiddu Krishnamurti visited and lectured to an 
> audience of 
> > > 2,500 in the city auditorium, Mexicans and Negroes were not 
> allowed. He 
> > > gave 
> > > a second lecture at a local school just for the Mexicans and 
> Negroes and of 
> > > 
> > > course everyone else was invited. 
> > > 
> > > As another anecdotal matter, it appears that Indians were, in 
> early days of 
> > > 
> > > this century were refered to as Niggers as well by the English 
> > > Europeans!!! 
> > > 
> > > Here is the link for the article about Hispanics. 
> > > 
> > > < 
> > > 
> > > 

> _huge_change_for_Hispanics.html 
> > > > 
> > > 
> > > mkr 
> > > 
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