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Re: Theos-World "No Mexicans, Negroes or Dogs Allowed"

Feb 25, 2009 11:51 AM
by MKR

Some years ago, our community was looking for land in the city close to the
Camp Bullis military facility in San Antonio and I saw some land deeds filed
around 1945 which had a deed restriction that people of mexican origin
cannot reside there except as servants. But in 1932 it was a fact that in
publicly owned facilities, hispanics cannot attend public functions.


On 2/25/09, <> wrote:
>   MKR,
> My comment is strickly in regards to the "Sign". I was in Texas in the
> 1950's in the Military at Ft.Bliss. I frequently went into El Paso, Texas on
> a regular basis. At that time I never saw such signs anywhere that I visited
> there. That doesn't mean that his grandfather had not seen them in his life
> time but as to what I saw later I didn't see any such signs. As far as I can
> relate any one could sit at a counter and be served there. I personally and
> directly observed this. I cannot speak for the rest of Texas citys. We had
> balck and mexican soldiers in my unit and i don't recall hearing them
> complain of discrimination such as is in the PBS Program that they were
> experiencing in El paso at that time. Our Miitary Unit was intregated having
> various ethnic presence at that time 1955-60.
> I might also relate that on the other side of the border in Juarez Mexico
> the people there held intense prejedice against "Indios", Mexican citizens
> of Indian ethnicity and denied simple needs to them such as a glass of water
> when the temperature is over 100 degree's. I once watched an Indios women
> barefoot in traditional dress be denied water one after another business as
> she asked each one for a glass of water and the entire street denied her
> this simple needy request. I was amazed to see this and felt so sorry for
> that poor women.
> Regards,
> John
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> As late as 1950s, people in San Antonio, Texas has seen signs such as "No
> Mexicans, Negroes or Dogs Allowed". At that time San Antonio had about
> 30-40% hispanic population. There is a very interesting article in the
> local
> newspaper. See link below. Theosophists would be interested in reading it.
> Also may like watching PBS documentary "A Class Apart".
> In 1932, when Jiddu Krishnamurti visited and lectured to an audience of
> 2,500 in the city auditorium, Mexicans and Negroes were not allowed. He
> gave
> a second lecture at a local school just for the Mexicans and Negroes and of
> course everyone else was invited.
> As another anecdotal matter, it appears that Indians were, in early days of
> this century were refered to as Niggers as well by the English and
> Europeans!!!
> Here is the link for the article about Hispanics.
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> mkr
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