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Re: Theos-World "No Mexicans, Negroes or Dogs Allowed"

Feb 25, 2009 09:59 AM
by Augoeides-222

My comment is strickly in regards to the "Sign". I was in Texas in the 1950's in the Military at Ft.Bliss. I frequently went into El Paso, Texas on a regular basis. At that time I never saw such signs anywhere that I visited there. That doesn't mean that his grandfather had not seen them in his life time but as to what I saw later I didn't see any such signs. As far as I can relate any one could sit at a counter and be served there. I personally and directly observed this. I cannot speak for the rest of Texas citys. We had balck and mexican soldiers in my unit and i don't recall hearing them complain of discrimination such as is in the PBS Program that they were experiencing in El paso at that time. Our Miitary Unit was intregated having various ethnic presence at that time 1955-60. 
I might also relate that on the other side of the border in Juarez Mexico the people there held intense prejedice against "Indios", Mexican citizens of Indian ethnicity and denied simple needs to them such as a glass of water when the temperature is over 100 degree's. I once watched an Indios women barefoot in traditional dress be denied water one after another business as she asked each one for a glass of water and the entire street denied her this simple needy request. I was amazed to see this and felt so sorry for that poor women. 


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As late as 1950s, people in San Antonio, Texas has seen signs such as "No 
Mexicans, Negroes or Dogs Allowed". At that time San Antonio had about 
30-40% hispanic population. There is a very interesting article in the local 
newspaper. See link below. Theosophists would be interested in reading it. 
Also may like watching PBS documentary "A Class Apart". 

In 1932, when Jiddu Krishnamurti visited and lectured to an audience of 
2,500 in the city auditorium, Mexicans and Negroes were not allowed. He gave 
a second lecture at a local school just for the Mexicans and Negroes and of 
course everyone else was invited. 

As another anecdotal matter, it appears that Indians were, in early days of 
this century were refered to as Niggers as well by the English and 

Here is the link for the article about Hispanics. 



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