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Re: Aether is the empty space on which the Universe sits

Feb 24, 2009 04:34 PM
by Leon Maurer

On Feb 20, 2009, at 2/20/099:19 AM, fatima20886 wrote:

> Leon, it took the Universe 15 billion years to be what it is today.
> It didn't know anything when it started.

How do you know what the universe did or did not know?

I know because "I" was there -- since my conscious self has never  
changed from the day it appeared in this life, and there's no reason  
for it to have changed during all my previous ones, or will change in  
the next ones (other than get wiser and wiser;-).

Seriously... Everything in the universe is based on electrodynamics  
-- whose total energy must have been latent in the eternal  
(omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent) absolute space from which  
this cosmos first emanated and radiated out of.  (If you wish to  
consider that space as God -- that's okay with me.;-)

Since the laws of electrodynamics (electricity-magnetism) are rooted  
in fundamental cyclic spin (angular momentum) of the initial  
singularity -- all phenomenal existence or the cosmos, along with all  
its differentiations, must be based on the immutable laws of cycles  
coupled with infinite G-force.

Therefore, everything (field or form) appearing in the cosmos,  
including our lower order physical universe itself, along with all  
its parts --  must be cyclic in nature, holistically interconnected  
electromagnetically, and be eternal in essence -- whether as  
information, or as parts of temporary material forms... With  
potential consciousness (awareness, will, qualia) eternally existing  
as an unchanging quality of the ubiquitous zero-point of absolute  
space (located everywhere in our 3-D metric space).  Thus, each of us  
is a spark of God consciousness, so to speak.

This basis of overall reality can account for everything -- including  
all the proven scientific theories describing the nature of our  
physical space time continuum and all its lower frequency-energy  
phase order metric fields and forms.

And, since the entire cosmos (in this cycle of its manifestation)  
starts out as *information* condensed in its original spin (pun  
intended;-) -- God must have known all about it right from the  
beginning.  Although I don't think it pays much attention to it --  
other than curiosity to see how it progresses. ;-)

For the whole picture of this basis of everything that is, was or  
ever will be -- see:

Best wishes,
> --- In, Leon Maurer <leonmaurer@...> wrote:
>> On May 21, 2008, at 5/21/084:17 PM, Laurent Duchesne wrote:
>>> How could God think or see with neither brains nor eyes?
>> Why should it have to?
>> If God is the Aether (as you say), and everything in the universe
>> comes out of it -- including both subjective consciousness (awareness
>> and will), along with all the objective forms of matter-energy -- it
>> would have to be omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent, wouldn't
>> it?  So, what purpose would thinking or seeing be to it  -- since it
>> already has infinite wisdom and knows everything about its past,
>> present and future?
>> Therefore, wouldn't it have to contain the full knowledge and
>> potential of those two essential but opposite aspects of overall
>> nature and metric total space, right from the beginning of time in
>> each cycle of its (phenomenal) *existence*?
>>> There is no Universal Consciousness nor Mind, God can neither think
>>> compressed nor see until it turns into brains with eyes. In this  
>>> sense,
>>> we trulyare God's servants.
>> If so, then why would such an all wise and knowing God, complete in
>> itself, have to think or see before it manifests from its inherent
>> *spinergy* or infinite angular (non linear) momentum -- that would
>> have to carry all the encoded vibrational wave interference patterns
>> of all that knowledge and wisdom in its inherent lines of potential
>> energy or G-force -- which would have to emanate from it at the Big
>> Bang ... First, into the fundamental fractally involved invisible
>> fields of linear hyper-spacetime, at near infinite frequency phase
>> orders... And then -- on the lowest frequency-energy phase order of
>> our metric physical spacetime (4th world**) -- evolve through all the
>> stages of physical/material forms of quantum cosmogenesis, until
>> thinking mankind finally appears on Earth?
>> (** Spiritual, Mental, Astral, physical/material). See:
>> < col_3.jpg>
>> Also, why wouldn't those initial involved fields of cosmogenesis not
>> carry (as modulated wave patterns on their surfaces) all the image
>> information accumulated in all the universe's previous cyclic
>> manifestations?
>> Wouldn't this be the essential nature of an eternal Aether (or God),
>> based on the cyclic laws of periodicity built into it's original
>> spin?  (No pun intended;-)?
>> If so, then all those higher order fields would be conscious at their
>> zero-points of origination, and could be aware of all the image
>> information encoded in their field circumferences -- and lighted by
>> the inherent photons emanated from their primal source...
>> (Analogously replicated, apparently, on our physical-material plane,
>> in the zero-point spinergy or *singularity* at the center of the Sun
>> -- the source of all life on Earth.)
>> It follows, then, that the ubiquitous Aether (singularity or
>> spinergy) at the center of all ZPE fields -- starting in the Planck
>> vacuum, on up to the initial spiritual field of the cosmos -- are
>> inherently conscious... Each as individual sparks of the primal light
>> of Absolute Space that is the only possible true God, forever resting
>> at the still center of the Aether (which is only its ever existing
>> physical body),
>> Best wishes,
>> Leon Maurer
>> P.S.  To avoid irritating any quantum physicist here who gets bent
>> out of shape by the word Aether (which preceded the discovery of
>> relativity and quantum physics) -- I'd prefer using the phrase "Total
>> Space" or "Physical Space" that Einstein used after the failed MM
>> experiment supposedly "proved"  that there was no "Aether". ;-) It
>> also may help to leave out the word God -- since that gives them
>> the ammunition to compare these scientific theories of an inherently
>> intelligent universe with the "intelligent design" of the religious
>> creationists.
>>> --
>>> Laurent

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