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Re: Aether is the empty space on which the Universe sits

Feb 24, 2009 03:08 PM
by Leon Maurer

On Feb 20, 2009, at 2/20/099:24 AM, fatima20886 wrote:

> Zeno and Democritus were correct, there is a non-material aspect to
> reality that never changes. That, as it was revealed by our math many
> centuries ago, should have been the ultimate truth, but Plato was
> wrong in believing there is a realm for ideals and forms to be stored
> at. The Aether has no means for storing meaningful information, but
> it contains the ratios... the constants... the law. Ratios... real
> but non-material (not in spacetime) quantities... the tools of
> logic... the gears of physical reality.

And that unchanging reality is the Absolute Space -- which is the  
source of all consciousness as well as the information and the G- 
force that expands into all the fields and forms in the cosmos.  The  
Law, ratios, constants and hyperspherical (fractal) geometry is built  
into the infinite spin momentum of all the singularities (the total  
space or aether) that underlie this universe and all its ponderable  
material parts... THe total information for which, is holographically  
contained, as cyclic wave interference patterns of the infinite spin,  
located in every zero-point... Just like the DNA in every cell of all  
sentient beings contains the holographically encoded information for  
ALL of their bodily protein structures and forms.  So., as I se it,  
Plato was right -- since there are invisible hyperspace fields of the  
aether that carry the information of consciousness as wave  
interference patterns on their surfaces.  He also said the universe  
geometrizes -- which shows that he also knew of the fractal field  
nature of total space.  Einstein based his entire theory of general  
relativity on the fundamental spin originated geometry of physical  
space-time radiating from the "Aether" -- which he also called "total  
space" or "physical space."  But this is not the same as the higher  
order cosmic space that the ABC model covers.
> Logos is the driving principle behind Nous, the controlling principle
> in the Universe. It is before Creation. Reason (Logos) is before
> knowledge (Nous).

In this view, there is no "creation" but only a cyclic  
manifestation.  There are actually three Logos each containing the  
knowledge of the others, and all containing the knowledge of the  
Primal cosmic singularity encoded in its infinite abstract motion or  
spin momentum.  See:

Logos could not occur if there weren't infinite knowledge, i.e.,  
wisdom -- underlying the first expression of the highest frequency/ 
energy order hyperspace-time at the initial cosmic emanation,  
radiation and fractal involution of the 1st Logos of the cosmos

> Logos is passive information embedded in empty space or, in the
> Aether. And all matter or, Active Information, follows this passive
> information. Logos represents the ratios, the physical constants
> (logoi), and, as many ancient philosophers already claimed, it is not
> subject to change.

Nevertheless, passive information is latent knowledge.  And yes, the  
first Logos is the initial representation (triple cycle  
hyperspherical space) of the fundamental cyclic Law of non linear  
motion inherent in the original spin (pun intended ;-)  See:
This Mobius Klein spiral vortex triple loop is the fundamental source  
of ALL the constants as well as the electrodynamic laws governing all  
of metaphysical and physical nature, and their triple phase changes  
on every hyperspace level -- like ice changes to water and then to  

> And, as Stephen Hawking once said, matter swallowed by Black Holes is
> lost information. So, if this is a cyclical Universe, all information
> will be lost with each contraction or crunch... but not Logos.

But Hawkings later changed his mind when he and another cosmologist,  
Kip Thorne lost a bet with physicist John Preskill... And now agrees  
that information can never be lost no matter how deep matter goes  
into a black hole.  This also applies to the entire universe when it  
returns back to its black hole singularity -- to await another cycle  
of its future rebirth.
> So, if we ask what came first, Mind or matter? Since we are using new
> and confusing terms, we must first clarify what do we mean by Mind?
> If Mind represents logic, or reason only, then we can say Mind came
> first. But if we take Mind to be synonymous to intelligence or
> knowledge, then Mind came after. See, we have a problem with
> semantics. The term Mind can lead to confusion (many confuse it with
> human thought or consciousness). We should keep the terms unchanged
> from what they originally were, namely; Logos and Nous. Logos for
> logic or reason, and Nous for intelligence or knowledge. Logos and
> Nous, instead of Mind and matter. Why change the terms our ancestors
> were already using?

No matter how you look at it. Mind had to come with the first Logos  
field of cosmogenesis.  Since all those fields are the matter aspect  
of primal or absolute space, them there is no question of which came  
first.  But if we consider matter as only the ponderable material of  
physical spacetime, then it's obvious that the field of mind (that we  
use to think with) had to come first.  The reason we change the  
terms, are because we are explaining the origin of the cosmos from  
the point of view of modern science.  If we want to distinguish  
between cosmic MIND and physical (thinking) mind, all we have to do  
is change their case.

The problem with the ancient words is that they imply a religious- 
creationist concept of cosmogenesis, and separate God from the  
universe -- which is not the actual reality... (Even though we can  
think of the universal omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent  
consciousness along with its infinite spin momentum or G-force, as  
God -- it does not help in understanding the true nature of reality  
and ultimately realizing that karma and reincarnation are laws of  
nature. Nor, does it help in knowing who and what we each are, or  
gaining a truer realization of the Self.

> I agree with Heraclitus. Aether (Logos) remains unchanged. As Basil
> Hiley says - being is a relative invariant in the overall process of
> becoming. Aether acts as a traffic light directing energy flows,
> which always does exactly the same expected things, but this aether
> follows the instructions given to it by matter, or Nous, as Hegel and
> Anaxagoras called it. In their view, Nous is the Universe and it is
> learning as matter evolves.

But, the Aether, as total spacetime, is cosmic matter, and its  
information is contained (encoded) in its fundamental lines of spin  
momentum and their wave interference patterns.  There cannot be any  
other source of universal information or passive knowledge.  
Naturally, this information would increase as the metaphysical  
aetheric space time fields and their living forms on the lowest order  
material plane, experientially evolve -- guided by the ideal forms  
already contained in the fundamental spin momentum singularities and  
on the surfaces of the higher order hyperspace morphogenetic fields.   
But, the physical aether itself, must forever remain an integral  
lower order part of the overall cosmic fields (at the third logos) --  
or become condensed in the initial cosmic spinergy at the end of each  
cycle of manifest existence of the cosmos. In any event, the Aether  
can never lose its gained evolutionary information.
> Aether (Logos) only holds the law. What becomes is matter itself. The
> aether doesn't learn but can be in different states. It thinks
> through matter, thanks to matter, but once that matter is gone, it
> returns to, as current Cosmology theories call it, a singularity
> (aka., Aether).

Pretty much so.
> Quantization and organization of particles in hyperspace is
> determined by the exclusive dimensions (information) of a myriad of
> interacting matter fields (bosonic and morphic fields) which
> originate from already existing matter, dead and alive. This means
> there is no information being projected into spacetime from Plato's
> ideals realm, the information comes from reality at the spacetime
> level.

Yes, but the information of the ideal forms would have to be  
contained in the initial cosmic singularity -- and thus, on the  
surface of its first higher order triune field (1st Logos).  We must  
not confuse the lower order physical realm (at the 3rd Logos) with  
the initial dynamics of the highest order cosmic fields -- although  
they obey the same fundamental laws and their hyperspace  
(metaphysical fields are all analogous and corresponding.  Thus, the  
microcosm is the mirror of the macrocosm, as Hermes said.

The "ideal information" is not "projected into spacetime" -- but is  
inherent in its underlying spin-momentum singularity... And, thus,  
must be retained (on the physical plane) as holographic wave  
interference patterns on its initial highest frequency phase order  
(spiritual) field -- that is analogous to the initial cosmic  
spiritual field (or triune "monad" - ref; Leibniz).  We must never  
lose sight of the analogy and correspondence that all hyperspace  
fields, originating from all singularities ("Laya points" in  
theosophical jargon), have with each other.  See"
> Maybe there is Logos (Aether) and then there is Nous (the Universe).
> Nous being Active Information and Logos, Passive Information.

The "Aether" of modern physics (Einstein et al) is the fourth lowest  
order physical plane of the cosmos 3rd Logos. See:

We have to see the difference between the initial cosmic  
hyperspacetime fields at its 3rd Logos, and the analogous and  
corresponding 4th lowest order physical space time fields at its 3rd  
Logos.  Everything must follow the same fundamental laws, that are  
entirely symmetric until the breaking of symmetry at the fourth  
physical level when matter precipitates out and individual  
consciousness starts acting randomly.  Thus, until that happens (and  
indeterminacy begins on the quantum level) -- as Einstein pointed out  
-- "God doesn't play dice"
> Most of the information about a material system is contained within
> the system. Passive information being brought to the system by waves
> is mostly related to the momentum and location of the particle in
> relation to the world. This material system must be comprised of a
> particle and its particular standing matter waves. There is passive
> information constantly flowing in and out of every particle-wave
> system as self-reference and autopoiesis take place. That is where
> Cramer's Transactional Interpretation and Wheeler's Delayed Choice or
> back-action come from, but for the metric to have these wholeness
> properties there must be a unity, and this unity can only come from
> oneness. Information, not state, is transmitted by material mediums
> and is then stored as matter in spacetime. State is registered
> throughout the system instantaneously, thanks to the Aether.

If that is a description of the functional nature of the living  
systems on the 4th lowest order physical spacetime continuum -- it  
seems to be consistent with my model of cosmogenesis.

Since all fractal involved energy fields, are generated from each  
other, ad infinitum -- the cosmos is one interconnected thing in  
itself.  Therefore, all existence is matter... Whether appearing as  
holographic wave interference patterns of information on the surface  
of the fields or as apparently solid quantum "particle-waves" on the  
lowest frequency phase order on the cosmic physical plane.

Best wishes,
Leon Maurer
> --- In, Leon Maurer <leonmaurer@...> wrote:
>> On May 21, 2008, at 5/21/084:17 PM, Laurent Duchesne wrote:
>>> How could God think or see with neither brains nor eyes?
>> Why should it have to?
>> If God is the Aether (as you say), and everything in the universe
>> comes out of it -- including both subjective consciousness
> (awareness
>> and will), along with all the objective forms of matter-energy --
> it
>> would have to be omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent, wouldn't
>> it?  So, what purpose would thinking or seeing be to it  -- since
> it
>> already has infinite wisdom and knows everything about its past,
>> present and future?
>> Therefore, wouldn't it have to contain the full knowledge and
>> potential of those two essential but opposite aspects of overall
>> nature and metric total space, right from the beginning of time in
>> each cycle of its (phenomenal) *existence*?
>>> There is no Universal Consciousness nor Mind, God can neither
> think
>>> compressed
>>> nor see until it turns into brains with eyes. In this sense, we
> truly
>>> are God's servants.
>> If so, then why would such an all wise and knowing God, complete
> in
>> itself, have to think or see before it manifests from its inherent
>> *spinergy* or infinite angular (non linear) momentum -- that would
>> have to carry all the encoded vibrational wave interference
> patterns
>> of all that knowledge and wisdom in its inherent lines of
> potential
>> energy or G-force -- which would have to emanate from it at the
> Big
>> Bang ... First, into the fundamental fractally involved invisible
>> fields of linear hyper-spacetime, at near infinite frequency phase
>> orders... And then -- on the lowest frequency-energy phase order
> of
>> our metric physical spacetime (4th world**) -- evolve through all
> the
>> stages of physical/material forms of quantum cosmogenesis, until
>> thinking mankind finally appears on Earth?
>> (** Spiritual, Mental, Astral, physical/material)
>> See: <
> col_3.jpg>
>> Also, why wouldn't those initial involved fields of cosmogenesis
> not
>> carry (as modulated wave patterns on their surfaces) all the image
>> information accumulated in all the universe's previous cyclic
>> manifestations?
>> Wouldn't this be the essential nature of an eternal Aether (or
> God),
>> based on the cyclic laws of periodicity built into it's original
>> spin?  (No pun intended;-)?
>> If so, then all those higher order fields would be conscious at
> their
>> zero-points of origination, and could be aware of all the image
>> information encoded in their field circumferences -- and lighted
> by
>> the inherent photons emanated from their primal source...
>> (Analogously replicated, apparently, on our physical-material
> plane,
>> in the zero-point spinergy or *singularity* at the center of the
> Sun
>> -- the source of all life on Earth.)
>> It follows, then, that the ubiquitous Aether (singularity or
>> spinergy) at the center of all ZPE fields -- starting in the
> Planck
>> vacuum, on up to the initial spiritual field of the cosmos -- are
>> inherently conscious... Each as individual sparks of the primal
> light
>> of Absolute Space that is the only possible true God, forever
> resting
>> at the still center of the Aether (which is only its ever existing
>> physical body),
>> Best wishes,
>> Leon Maurer
>> P.S.  To avoid irritating any quantum physicist here who gets bent
>> out of shape by the word Aether (which preceded the discovery of
>> relativity and quantum physics) -- I'd prefer using the
> phrase "Total
>> Space" or "Physical Space" that Einstein used after the failed MM
>> experiment supposedly "proved"  that there was no "Aether".  ;-)
> It
>> also helps to leave out the word God -- since that gives them the
>> ammunition to compare these scientific theories of an inherently
>> intelligent universe with the "intelligent design" of the
> religious
>> creationists.
>>> --
>>> Laurent

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