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Re: Theos-World Did HPB say there is non-physical intelligent life on Venus?

Feb 23, 2009 10:01 PM
by Augoeides-222

"Pssst!" Vas ist das "Pssst!"?? Lol. 

Frank there is much remaining controversy even today apparantly about Adamski and his "Bell Craft" viz the conjecture over German Technology that is alledged to have created flying craft such as Adamski filmed.In spite of debunkers Optical Specialists have analyzed his film and declared them authentic and not fakes. Use Google Images to search "Nurflugel" and Lippisch" in the listed that displays you will see many image icons of German Disk Craft. The books various authors give life to the idea's continuation. Where there is smoke there may yet be fire. Here are a few links 

Nurflugel Google Image Listing 


Lippisch Google Image Listing 


As far a which Language they are preceived to speak one should remember that their powers of mind and consciousness are far beyond our human conception. They are capable of telepathically imprinting native language of each person they establish rapport with so convincingly authentic as to be undiscernable as if they had actually spoken it in real reality inseperable from the inner screen of our mind. 


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>Well, Adamski's masters came from Venus:) 

More important, they spoke German without accent like the ufo pilots of Billy Meyer. 
(Other as the people in Holland, who were seperated form the Reich in 1648 by the Jesuits...:-) 

What does it mean? Are there Germans flying around? Or are the ufo contacters lunatics? 

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