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TS - Transparency Update

Feb 23, 2009 09:57 PM
by MKR

Transparency Update

I have discussed the issue of how the lack of transparency led to the crisis
in the TS (which continues today) where attempts were made to feed us with
in accurate and erroneous information with  the sole purpose of defeating
the current president, and that having failed, again the lack of
transparency was exploited to secretly launch a coup attempt by a small
group of GC members to seize control of the presidency by disenfranchisement
of all the members. But for the Internet and its role in exposing the
crisis, we would be seeing a totally different TS today, possibly heading
towards making it a cripple.

While little bit of the veil of secrecy of the GC meeting was lifted with a
couple of accounts posted on the Internet, with of course added spins and
unsubstantiated allegations of illegality and decay. Since the full story -
upfront and behind the scenes - is yet to come out, with the disclosure of
the details of individuals in the two groups which led to the unprecedented
tie votes, one wonders what is cooking behind the scenes. We have not seen
any proposals and ideas to addresses the issues touted as seen by the GC

All this makes one wonder if any of the leaders really believe in the need
to bring about full transparency in all aspects of the organization. TS is
not a secret organization, while occult secrets are real secrets and TS does
not own them. Hence none of the meetings need to be kept secret.

Membership is going south in most of the countries except in India. No one
wants to discuss them to find out the causes and possible solutions. When
these issues are openly raised, all we see are laughable attempts to
belittle the messengers, ignoring important messages. This makes one wonder
how many of the "leaders" are really working for self-serving ends rather
than for theosophy and TS.

In view of the above, we all need to be very vigilant and be on the look out
for any secret moves which are detrimental to the interests of members and



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