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Re: Theos-World Did HPB say there is non-physical intelligent life on Venus?

Feb 23, 2009 07:09 PM
by correctberlin

>But like I stated - and with a little bit of Googling - you'll find my 
paper with the earliest German language ufonaut account that predates 
Schmidt's with half a century.

Theo, if you mean your discussion here:

I just come to the conclusion that you seem to have a materialistic mindset or a anti-germanic agenda.
I have never heard of any serious researcher (and I mean those people who know about what they speak, not the idiot actors which run today as Professors at pseudo universities to make the people mad) denying the many outstanding developments: Computers by Konrad Zuse, first regular color tv broadcast beginning with the Olympic Games in 1936 in Berlin, first patent in 1939 for car navigation by Karl Hans Janke, first audio books in 1938, free energy machines, first airbag in Mercedes in 1971, cp., 

Aspirin in 1897, automobil in 1886, micrology ny Koch in 1876, beer in 1516, book printing by Gutenberg in 1440, chip card in 1969, diesel motor in 1890, wall plugs in 1958 by Fischer, jet fighters by Heinkel industries in 1936, dynamo by Siemens in 1866, televison (tv) by Manfred von Ardenne in 1930, Christmas eveing, the first tv broadcast world wide, and in 1936 (Olympic Games) in Agfa color by Leni Riefenstahl, radio controlled clock by Junghans in 1991, MP3 by Fraunhofer Institute in 1987, light bulb by Goebel in 1854, homoeopathy - which HPB supports - by Hahnemann in 1797, helicopters by Focke in 1936, first aircraft carrier, jeans in 1873 by Strauss, coffee filters by Melitta bentz in 1908, pocket camera by Barnack in 1925, magnetically levitated vehicle (Magnetschwebebahn) by Kemper in 1934. Sorry! game in 1905, motor cycle by Daimler in 1885, mouth organ in 1821, paper industry for mass print medias by Keller in 1843, periodic system of the elements in 1864, birht control pill by Schering in 1961, record player in 1887, protestant movement by Luther in 1517, X-rays by Roentgen in 1895, computer scanners by Hell in 1951, social acts by Bismarck in 1883-91, tram in 1881, tea bags in 1929, telephone by Philip Reis in 1859, theroms bottle by Burger in 1903, tape recorders in 1928, transistors, vacuum tube by Otto von Guericke in 1650, tooth paste in 1907, spark plug by Bosch in 1902 etc. etc.

If it were possible for researchers to have access to the hidden files of the Third Reich and they were allowed to study independent and publishing their findings without loosing their job, destroying their name and family, you would probably come to the conclusion that never before in history in the little six years of relatively peace (war never ended in 1918) from 1933-1939, were researchers was given the opportunity to think, so much advanced discoveries and inventions were made as at this time.

BTW, your smear on Zundel, a highly moral and high-minded truth seeker, if not theosophist - have you ever seen into his eyes as I did? - started after 1945 as a hater of his former leader and decided to immigrate to Canada to forget all what reminds him of his German origin. It was there, in exile, where he met an American historian, who oping his eyes, that he was just a victim of the all surrounding Allies propaganda and truth was very different. 

If you call someone who searches for truth, who is not anymore willing to hate his country, his culture, his language and his ancestors by order of new masters of foreign rule a Neo Nazi, then I am also one, and Blavatsky was the first neo Nazi.

I am sorry that my government does not allow me to go mor einto detail and I accept all dogmas they want. No brain, no pain.


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